Review: Angry Ninja iPad Mini Case by Hooby Groovy

Angry Ninja iPad Mini case 2

I know I’m pretty obnoxious when I’m awaiting delivery of a new gadget so some of you probably know I recently got an iPad mini. I am loving it so much! I like to take good care of my gadgets so I always invest in a nice case or some sort of protective sleeve. For […]

What I Like About My Kindle Touch

Kindle Touch

Christmas came early for me this year. I got a Kindle Touch (Wi-Fi, 6″ E Ink Display with special offers) and I LOVE it. Yes I know, I’m always ridiculously excited when I get a new Kindle but this time for real! I think this is the best E Ink Kindle yet. I didn’t think I’d want a touch screen […]

Random Friday: Kindle Fire, What We Like, What We Don’t

Happy Friday everyone! It was a great week here at Fiction Vixen and I hope you all had a great week too. Random Friday is not so random this week. A few of us got the new Kindle Fire and we’ve been excitedly getting to know our new e-Readers. So, we thought we’d post our thoughts […]

Product Review: Kindle Lighted Leather Cover

In August, I purchased a brand new Kindle 3 and a Lighted Leather Cover to go with it.  I am very happy with both of my purchases so I thought I’d post my review of the Lighted Leather Cover here at Fiction Vixen.  My review was originally posted over on the Kindle Obsessed blog. The […]

A New Bookcase!

I was recently presented with an opportunity to write a review for a product from CSN Stores.  Since I have lots of books and I’m always in need of more storage for them, I chose to purchase a book case.  My husband’s home office has plenty of room for a new bookcase so I selected […]