Review: A Match Made in Texas by Katie Lane

A Match Made in Texas (Deep in the Heart of Texas #6)

This is the 6th book in Katie Lane’s Deep in the Heart of Texas series. I’ve read one other book in this series that I  liked, so I was looking forward to reading this one. This book can easily be read as a stand alone. However, overall I was disappointed in this one. I felt […]

Review: Reaper’s Touch by Eleri Stone

Reaper's Touch Eleri Stone

When I started this review I kept trying to figure out how to categorize this romance. According to Carina Press’s website its dystopian, post-apocalyptic and paranormal. But when I started reading it also had a steampunk and old timey western feel to it. In all honesty it’s a mesh of all these genres. Which works for me since I’m always […]

Review: My Cowboy Heart by Z.A. Maxfield

My Cowboy Heart by Z.A. Maxfield

Sometimes I resented Crandall Jenkins’s faith in me. And that shit about getting me out of my shell? Well, I liked my shell just fine, thank you. I liked it fine. As the foreman of the J-Bar Ranch Malloy is comfortable with his life and his position looking after the animals and the interests of […]

Review: An Outlaw in Wonderland by Lori Austin

An Outlaw in Wonderland (Once Upon a Time in the West #2)

It’s been years since I enjoyed a western historical romance as much as I did the first book in Lori Austin’s new Once Upon a Time  in the West series. On a recommendation from Fiction Vixen reviewer Catherine I picked up Beauty and the Bounty Hunter. And. I. Loved. It. An Outlaw in Wonderland tells […]

Review: True to the Law by Jo Goodman

True to the Law by Jo Goodman

True to the Law takes us back to the town of Bitter Springs. We were first introduced to the town and its townspeople in The Last Renegade (which I quite enjoyed). Tru was hired as a schoolteacher by Raine, the heroine of TLR, and has been in town for a few months settling in. Unfortunately […]

Review: Beauty and the Bounty Hunter by Lori Austin

Beauty and the Bounty Hunter

”I thought I could fix you.” “With make-believe?” “It had worked for me. Why not for you?” This book rocked. I loved the characters. You should read it. The End. …What? Not enough for you? I seldom love characters quite as much as I loved Alexi and Cat. It seems like more often than not […]

Review: The Last Renegade by Jo Goodman

The Last Renegade Jo Goodman

*sigh* This author remains one of my absolute favorites. She can write the hell out of a book. I read her work and feel like she values my intelligence as a reader. (She doesn’t know me from Adam, but just roll with it) She doesn’t feel the need to shove things in my face to […]

Review: Texas Bride by Joan Johnston

Texas Bride - Joan Johnston

Miranda Wentworth never imagined becoming a mail-order bride. Now marriage to a stranger is her only hope of finding a home where she and her two younger brothers can escape the brutality of the Chicago orphanage where they live. With any luck, she can even start a family of her own, once the three of […]

Review: Cowboy Come Home by Janette Kenny

Cowboy Come Home

I’m back…the resident Cowboy Expert here at FVBR. Sophia always knows how to tempt me with a book – it either has a cowboy on the cover or “cowboy” in the title. Sadly, Cowboy Come Home just didn’t work for me. I kept with it until page 220 (out of 379) when I finally gave up. […]