Review: Poison Promise by Jennifer Estep

Poison Promise (Elemental Assassin #11) by Jennifer Estep

With the eleventh book in the Elemental Assassin series, Jennifer Estep continues to deliver and deliver big. For those readers who were afraid this series was going to go stale at the conclusion of the original story arc, you can rest easy. This series just keeps getting better and better with every new installment and Gin remains […]

Review: Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones

Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones Charley Davidson series #6

I had a lot on my plate: A naked dead man riding shotgun everywhere I went.  A mysterious Asian man hovering in my corner who made of something powerful, whatever that meant.  Another man who sold his soul to a demon who was indifferent to the fact that it was for a good cause.  A […]

Review: Stone Cold by Devon Monk

Stone Cold Devon Monk

I was the guy who handled the darker side of magic. I’d been a damn fine Death magic user back in the day.  And now?  Well, now I was death. I am going to start out my review with full disclosure:  What did I want to get from Stone Cold?  Well I really, really, really […]

Review: Bladed Magic by J.C. Daniels

Bladed Magic (Colbana Files 0.6) by J.C. Daniels

Bladed Magic is a short prequel in the Colbana Files. For new readers this is a good introduction to this world and the main protagonist, Kit Colbana. For established fans of this series, this prequel gives an excellent glimpse of the Kit we all know and love before the events of Blade Song and helps […]

Joint Review: Night Broken by Patricia Briggs

Night Broken by Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson #8

Night Broken is the eighth book in one of the most beloved, popular ongoing urban fantasy series.  The previous installment, Frost Burned, was two years in the making and thank goodness we didn’t have to wait as long for this one. Jen: Frost Burned had the normal, crazy conflict Mercy has a way of getting […]

Review: Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop

Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop The Others#2

******Review will contain minor spoilers for Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels trilogy***** Last year I took my first foray into Anne Bishop and absolutely fell in love with Written in Red.  Written in Red told the story of the Others, the humans and the cassandra sangue.  It gave us a world where the Others rule with […]

Review: Cold Iron by D.L McDermott

Cold Iron (Cold Iron #1) by D.L. McDermott

Beth Carter has an uncanny knack for finding ancient Celtic burial sites. Unfortunately for her she’s spent most of her career under the shadow of a conniving ex-husband who has used her gift to steal artifacts and sell them to the highest bidder. He’s the professor and she’s just his assistant, at least that’s how […]

Review: Wild Things by Chloe Neill

Wild Things Chloe Neill Chicagoland Vampires series #9

*****MINOR SERIES SPOILERS***** Wild Things is book nine in the Chicagoland Vampires series and, to this point, readers have been taken on a wild ride.  We have experienced the highest of highs, down with the GP!, and the lowest of lows, never going to recover from Ethan dying, and still there is so much to come. Wild Things picks up […]

Joint Review: The Spider by Jennifer Estep

The Spider

The review assumes you are up to date with the series. If not, look away…maybe   Sophia: When I heard The Spider would be a step back, a story set 10 years from the start of the Elemental Assassin series I was excited. We know who Gin is today, so getting a look back to […]

Review: Up From the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Up From the Grave Jeaniene Frost Night Huntress #7, Night Huntress - Complete World #11

“Yeah, well, Bones and I had a couple months of relative quiet.  Guess it’s time to liven things up again.” When Up From the Grave arrived in my mailbox my first act was the fangirl squeal and my second act was to gently place it on my counter where I would walk by it day […]