Review: The List by Anne Calhoun

The List by Anne Calhoun

Matilda Davies and Daniel Logan meet on the ledge of a building.  Matilda like the adrenaline rush of sitting out there and Daniel is intrigued by someone who would enjoy such a thing.  Tilda is a matchmaker who keeps a list and thinks Daniel is there to put himself on her list.  She is initially […]

Review: The Trouble with Love by Lauren Layne

The Trouble with Love by Lauren Layne Sex, Love & Stilettos series #4

Emma is the newest relationship columnist for Stiletto magazine.  She fits right in with the other three and her relationship niche is breakup and heartache.  Having been left standing at the alter but the one man she has ever loved, she has very intimate experience with heartache.  That man has turned up as editor at […]

Review: Once and Always by Julia Harper

Once and Always by Julia Harper

I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Hoyt’s historical romances so when I saw this contemporary written under a different name I thought I would give it a try.  Maisa Bradley, May as Sam calls her, has been stopped for speeding.  Again.  Coot Lake cop, Sam West has been pulling her over for the better part of […]

Review: Sleeping with Her Enemy by Jenny Holiday

Sleeping with Her Enemy (49th Floor #2) by Jenny Holiday

You guys!! I love this author! Sleeping with Her Enemy is the second book in Jenny Holiday’s 49th Floor series. It’s also her second published book ever. I talked about how much I enjoyed book one in this series, Saving the CEO, in a WTRW post a couple of weeks ago and how much it sucked […]

Review: Falling From the Sky by Sarina Bowen

Falling from the Sky (Gravity #2) by Sarina Bowen

Hank “Hazardous” Lazarus is an Olympic bound snowboarder who has it all… beautiful women, rowdy friends on the circuit and a reputation as a wild, bad boy. That is until a bad crash lands him in the hospital with a broken back. That’s where he meets Dr. Callie Anders. At least that’s the first time […]

Review: The Billionaire and the Virgin by Jessica Clare

The Billionaire and the Virgin by Jessica Clare Billionaires and Bridesmaids series #1

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Billionaire Boys Club novels comes a sizzling series that pairs rich men looking for romances with some very lucky ladies in waiting… The Billionaire and the Virgin….a title that I can’t possibly resist (just look at the cover!  It says it right there!!).  Throw billionaire anywhere […]

Review: Rough Justice by Sarah Castille

Rough Justice (Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club #1) by Sarah Castille

So this was a different biker romance. Ok, there was the prerequisite tatted up bad boys riding hogs, involved in all manner of illegal activities and dirty deeds who are engaged in a war with a rival gang. There was talk of sweet butts and old ladies and new recruits. The angst and drama are through the roof. When […]

DNF Review: Filthy Rich by Dawn Ryder

Filthy Rich by Dawn Ryder

The blurb for Filthy Rich intrigued me. SHE’S FIGHTING FOR CONTROL… Celeste Connor swore that she’d never be a victim again. After the hell of her abusive ex, the last thing she needs is to be under another man’s thumb. But when she catches the eye of fiercely dominant Nartan Lupan at her best friend’s […]

Review: Once Upon a Rose by Laura Florand

Once Upon a Rose by Laura Florand La Vie en Roses series #2

J’y suis, j’y reste.  I am here and here I’ll stay. Once Upon a Rose is the start to a new series for Laura Florand…..kind of.  It is listed as book 2 in the La Vie en Roses series but book one, The Chocolate Rose, was more connected to Amour et Chocolat series.  At least, […]

Review: Trade Me by Courtney Milan

Trade Me (Cyclone #1) by Courtney Milan

Last weekend I asked twitterverse for recs on billionaire books that had zero bdsm in them. Because seriously, I’m kind of over that trope. I just can’t deal with the alpha male gazillionaire with the private room full of spanking benches and ben-wa balls anymore. One of the recommendations I received (from several people) was for Courtney Milan’s […]