Review: The Bachelor Prince by Jane Beckenham

The Bachelor Prince by Jane Beckenham

Lucas Palmera is Torrevna’s crown prince and a confirmed bachelor.  He finds it difficult to take women seriously when all they want from him is money, presents and to be seen on his arm.  He has been burned by love once and now wants nothing to do with it.  Plus he saw what happened to his father […]

Review: The Widow Wager by Jess Michaels

The Widow Wager (The Notorious Flynns #3) by Jess Michaels

Crispin Flynn is out of control and no one knows exactly why. He has distanced himself from his family and seems to be on a downward spiral of drink, gambling and debauchery. It’s after one such night that he wakes up to find a beautiful stranger in his bed and no memory of the night […]

Review: Beyond the Darkness by Katie Reus

Katie Reus

Beyond the Darkness, the third book in the Darkness series by Katie Reus, tells the story of dragon shifters Keelin Petronilla and Bran Devlin. Keelin, the sister of Drake from Taste of Darkness, is finally out of her forced hibernation and is more than ready to get back to living. She’s finally moved away from her […]

Review: Make Me Up by Avery Flynn

Make Me Up by Avery Flynn Killer Style series #3

Drea and Cam are in a secret relationship.  Cam is one to love ’em and leave ’em so Drea attempts to keep it casual and secret in order to protect herself.  She has had plenty of public shaming from her family and knows keeping her business out of the public is the only way to […]

Review: The List by Anne Calhoun

The List by Anne Calhoun

Matilda Davies and Daniel Logan meet on the ledge of a building.  Matilda like the adrenaline rush of sitting out there and Daniel is intrigued by someone who would enjoy such a thing.  Tilda is a matchmaker who keeps a list and thinks Daniel is there to put himself on her list.  She is initially […]