Review: The Grendel Affair by Lisa Shearin

The Grendel Affair Lisa Shearin SPI Files

I am always searching for a new urban fantasy series.  When I saw that The Grendel Affair had an endorsement from Ilona Andrews I knew it would be one that I would want to read.  That is a pretty hefty endorsement and I was really hoping it would live up to that hype. We’re Supernatural Protection & […]

Review: Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews

Clean Sweep Ilona Andrews

Originally known as The Inkeeper Chronicles and published as a weekly serial, Clean Sweep Book 1 is now together in one book.  The Andrews make this announcement: Thank you so much to all of you, who read Clean Sweep as a free serial on this website. It’s now out as an illustrated ebook and available for […]

Review: The Chocolate Heart by Laura Florand

The Chocolate Heart (Amour et Chocolat #5) by Laura Florand

Summer Corey, heir to the Corey hotel fortune, has been given a hotel.  She doesn’t want it but in order for her kids to receive the technology they need her father has bribed her.  He gave her a Parisian hotel to run for three months in exchange for the satellite her school children so badly need.  […]

Review: Striking Distance by Pamela Clare

Striking Distance Pamela Clare

“I’m not done with you.” “I sure as hell hope not.”-First Strike Swedish-American broadcast journalist, Laura Nilsson, was stationed in Islamabad some eighteen months ago when she was abducted and reportedly beheaded by Saudi national leader, Al-Nassar and his terrorist group. Now, Senior Chief Navy Seal, Javier Corbray is on a mission with Delta Platoon […]

Review: Bold Tricks by Karina Halle

Bold Tricks (The Artists Trilogy #3) by Karina Halle

Well everyone, we’ve finally reached the conclusion to the Ellie, Camden and Javier saga. Book two, Shooting Scars, left me on the edge of my seat, completely confused about what direction the author would take and how it would all end. I  had no idea who Ellie would end up with, I wasn’t even sure who I wanted her to […]

Review: Unbound by Cara McKenna

Unbound by Cara McKenna

It is a very happy day for me when I get to read a new Cara McKenna novel.  Since Amy first introduced her books to me last year, I have read her entire backlist and now grab up any new releases.  One of my favorite thing about her writing is the heroes.  They are dirty, alpha men that grab you by […]

Review: Uncommon Passion by Anne Calhoun

Uncommon Passion by Anne Calhoun

Rachel Hill was raised in a fundamentalist religious community and one day finally found the courage to break out.  She was tired of being told who she was supposed to be, what she was supposed to do and that her thoughts and ideas were not good enough to be anything worth listening to.  While living in the community she […]

Review: The Chocolate Touch by Laura Florand

The Chocolate Touch Laura Florand

Queue my fangirl squeeing…..another book by Laura Florand!!  Ok, I am done now. Dominique Richard and Jamie.  Dom is big, sexual and hard.  Jamie is small, quiet and shy.  The two should seem like the most unlikely couple but they cannot help but be drawn to each other.  Each day Jamie shows up in Dom’s shop […]

Review: After Hours by Cara McKenna

After Hours by Cara McKenna

I have heard Cara McKenna’s name mentioned so many time, mostly in connection with Curio, but I have never had the privilege to read her books.  When After Hours was offered for review I thought this would be the perfect chance for me to start.  Let me tell you, after reading After Hours I went on a […]

Review: Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs

Frost Burned

“I don’t need to swallow you whole, I don’t need to be in your head at all times. I just need to know you’re there.” Some books are just worth the wait.  It has been two years since the last Mercy Thompson book was released.  Late 2011 when it was announce that we would be Mercy-less […]