Bree On: The Families You Choose (And the Christmas Trees You Shouldn’t Juggle) + Giveaway

Happy holidays, y’all, and thanks to Fiction Vixen for inviting me to stop by with my tale of Christmas Past.  I’m Bree, half of the duo that makes up Moira Rogers & Kit Rocha.

Though Donna and I have written quite a few books across a variety of subgenres, one common theme unites most of them–that the family you choose (or even the one you find by mistake) can be just as powerful a force of love in your life as the family you’re born with.

I have one particular Christmas memory of a family taking me into their hearts, but in order to properly tell it, I’m going to have to start at the beginning…and post a ton of really embarrassing photos of myself from the mid-90s.

My story starts in 1996, when my (in retrospect, very steel-nerved parents) put me on a plane to Austria, where I spent the next nine months as an exchange student doing things like accidentally riding trains without tickets, or skipping school to run around Vienna without adult supervision or a safe grasp of the German language.


Miraculously, I did not get myself killed, though I did experience a language-induced ear-piercing fiasco that has left me with permanently crooked earring holes.  I also suffered from some rather profound culture shock.  I’d always thought my high school looked pretty fancy:


My new school looked like this:



And, let’s face it.  I’ve always been a little bit…odd.



The stress of taking classes in a language I barely understood combined with the usual stresses of being an odd teenager surrounded by people who–in this case, sometimes literally–can’t understand you, and the result started to turn me into a little ball of emo.  I even dyed my hair black.



That’s when my host-sister jumped in.  She turned me from Lonely Emo Bree…



…to happy, has-a-sister Bree.



They even got me a Christmas tree to decorate, even though they didn’t usually set one up.  I was excited.  Really, really excited.


Please do not try juggling Christmas trees at home.
I gave myself a black eye shortly after this picture was taken. True story.

This was the first time in my life that relative strangers opened their home and hearts to me and went above and beyond to make me feel like a part of their family.  But it wouldn’t be the last.  As I’ve wandered through a sometimes odd life, I’ve been lucky enough to stumble into a number of big-hearted people who have become a part of the family I carry with me.  And that’s why you’ll always find the families-you-choose within the pages of the books we write.

Love comes in so many forms.  During the holiday season, I like to give thanks for all of the people I call family.

And remember. Don’t juggle Christmas trees.  I’m serious about this, y’all.

Bree & Donna write a lot of paranormal romance, which you can find at  They also have plans to write a lot of dystopian erotic romance, and you can find the first book at  Follow them on twitter at @moirarogersbree & @donnajherren

Haunted Sanctuary Moira Rogers

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  1. May says

    I can’t say that I have had any impulses like that… Usually too busy already doing other things….

  2. kp says

    haven’t juggles any christmas trees but have had to clean up after the kids knocked tree (already decorated) down!

  3. Karen C says

    I haven’t juggled any Christmas trees either. I have had to get my cat out of the middle of a fully decorated artificial tree. She ruined the tree and I haven’t had one since. Also have to be careful of any decorations I want to put out.

  4. Bernie says

    I was 17 years old went out Christmas Eve and found out one true thing!
    MY Mother was so kind to poor me LOL! To get the flu at Christmas what bad luck (snicker).
    I am ever thankful for my friends for getting home and in bed. Never made that mistake again!!

  5. Rebe says

    I haven’t had to juggle trees either, but I did spend Christmas in Spain one year. My friends were so great – they even got me presents!

  6. Jen B. says

    I haven’t considered juggling Christmas trees before now but I think I will take your advice and not do it in the future. Sounds dangerous! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  7. Trix says

    Never attempted juggling trees, but we used to have an animatronic singing tree named Douglas Fir who used to terrify my niece!

  8. Readsalot81 says

    Often times, I’m given cat retrieval duty when it comes to Christmas trees and other high up places. In my profound ignorance, I thought I could fetch the cat (who was IN the tree) unscathed and no worse for the wear. Wrong. In the battle of the tree vs. Bandit the cat vs. Ronnie/Readsalot81, well the tree went down, the cat came scrambling out, and I was underneath the fallen tree. Cat + 1 , Ronnie -1 . 😀 I don’t fetch cats from Christmas trees anymore though!

  9. says

    Never juggled any trees, I have to say. I manage to hurt myself putting up teeny, tiny artificial ones. Coordination? I have none.

    As for families, they’re everywhere and I’m grateful for most of the ones I have. In all my little geeky wonder. Also, your high school was cooooool. Mine was just featured on some MTV high school prank show as the wrong school name.

  10. JenM says

    No tree juggling, but I’ve been known to trip and accidentally knock the tree over once or twice. I’m usually told that I must maintain a respectful distance….

  11. Sandypo says

    I’ve never tried to juggle a Christmas tree but I’ve had some fall over (fully decorated, too!) And I’ve had plenty of menorah candles fall over while lit, but fortuntately there was never any real damage…

  12. says

    Thanks for this post Bree, I really enjoyed it, and the pictures. And I do agree, the friends you make on your journey through life, can be so much better than the family you are born in.