Books We Loved In August: Reviewer Romance Recommendations

FV Monthly Recs

We do our recommendations a little different than some sites. Around the first of each month we post our recommendations of what we read the previous month. Not all of our recommendations were published in the previous month though. If we read an oldie but goodie, we’ll tell you about it. That way you don’t miss out on anything we think is worth reading.

Jen’s Recommendations

I don’t know what happened to August but sadly it wasn’t very good.  Book wise, that is.  I have only two recommendations this month.  :(

If It Fornicates by L.A. Witt ** [AMZBNSK]
I listed this one because I like the title but this is a recommendation for the whole Market Garden series.  It is co-authored by Aleksandr Voinov and L.A. Witt.  Books 3 and 4 were my favorite but the rest of them are just as good.  This writing pair can sure write the heck out of a sex scene and there is some great emotion thrown in here as well.

Parting Shot by Mary Calmes ** [AMZBNSK]
I love Mary Calmes.  Her writing is my m/m crack.  I would love to have some more Jory/Sam too, please.  😉

Amy’s Recommendations

Here are my three August sizzlers that I highly recommend.

Rock Chick Revolution by Kristen Ashley ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
Kristen Ashley sent the Rock Chicks and Hot Bunch guys out with a bang in her final installment of the Rock Chick series.  Filled with all the expected drama, humor and sexy times, Ms. Ashley once again delivers a fun, heartfelt contemporary story with Ally and Ren taking center stage.    Jen’s review.

Shooting Scars by Karina Halle ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
If you are not reading The Artists Trilogy then I only have one thing to say; you are missing out on one hell of a ride!  Karina Halle has created a fierce, highly addictive story with the complex trio of Ellie, Javier and Camden.  Gritty, action packed, sexy, edgy goodness.  Ms. Halle is a masterful storyteller and does not disappoint in this latest installment.  Angela’s review.

Aftermath by Cara Dee ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
I went into this story expecting brutal, gritty and uncomfortable and left it feeling so satisfied and happy experiencing this “gay for you” couple. Yes, there is darkness and we relive, in detail, Austin and Cam’s emotional, physical and psychological accounts of their captivity but there is a significant undertone of hope because of the bond they form from day one. Given the writing and flow of the story, it was so easy to become invested in the protagonists both as individuals and as a couple. The author did a fantastic job in the slow progression of their relationship and once they admitted their feelings there was no added drama. Just two men in love helping each other cope with their shared pasts and encouraging each other towards a beautiful future together. The intimacy and love scenes were sizzling hot and yet there is such a sweetness to this couple given their circumstances. Readers that enjoy an emotionally gripping m/m story should definitely check this one out.

Angela’s Recommendations

I am so happy this month is over. My kids are back in school (YAY!) and there might be some cooler weather some time soon on the horizon. That’s my wish anyway. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Texas in August is like living inside a sauna.

Beyond Pain by Kit Rocha ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
I had to do another Top Ten list for this latest Kit Rocha release because it was so good I highlighted half the book. Lucky for y’all I saved a couple of quotes for my monthly rec post:

Fucking was comprehensible. Fucking was neat and fast and clean, even when it was messy. This was something else.



Bren caught a lock of her hair as it tumbled down her bare back, “Are you wet?” He tugged sharply. “Tell me.”

“You wanna know if you get me hot?” She reached for his shirt next. “You do. Sometimes just by breathing.”

See? Good stuff. This is the best erotica series out there. See my Top Ten Reasons to Read Beyond Pain here.


Shooting Scars by Karina Halle ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
This second book in the Artist Trilogy was a wild, crazy ride that went in places I never expected. I still can’t believe some of the things that happened. After reading Sins & Needles I was totally team Camden, then after reading the novella On Every Street I was all about Javier, now I just don’t know what the heck to think. I am dying to get my hands on book three Bold Tricks. Thank goodness it has a release date of October. See my full review here.

Wrong Ways Down by Stacia Kane ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
For those of you Terrible lovers out there who are desperate for a fix, this is a novella that released this month completely told from Terrible’s POV. I now have a much better appreciation and understanding for his background and thoughts on his life and place in the world. Since it’s set between books one and two Terrible and Chess haven’t actually acted on their feelings for each other yet, but if you’re a reader of this series you know what’s coming and the events that are happening while this is taking place. Let me tell you… Terrible’s feelings for Chess are so beautiful you will fall in love with him even more than you already are. WTRW post here.

Rock Chick Revolution by Kristen Ashley ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
While not my favorite, it was a nice ending to a well loved KA series. I loved Ally and Ren and their HEA. I also adored going back and visiting all my favorite characters from the series and seeing how their lives are progressing. I am also excited that we’ll be seeing them again since there will be a new series following Stella and Mace to LA. See Jen’s review here.

Sophia’s Recommendations

What can I say? Maybe next month. I failed at August reading. *hangs head*

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