Biker Babes in Training: Amy and Tori dish on Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde + Giveaway

 Reaper's Property by Joanna Wylde

My favorite sidekick, Tori aka @smexys_sidekick from Smexybooks is joining me today for a review/discussion of Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde.  Thanks to Tori I have discovered the gritty Motorcycle club television series, Sons of Anarchy and I am obsessed.  I told Sophia who is also an SOA fan that I’m a sucker for a great train wreck whether it’s a book or a television show.  Sophia replied with a cringe and clap stating “I love it hard even though it kills me”.  Naturally when I saw the cover and read the blurb for Reaper’s Property (which totally sounded like a script outline from SOA) I jumped to purchase the book and that is saying a lot given I’m not familiar with the author as well as the steeper price of $7.00 for an ecopy.  But when the heroes name is “Horse” how can you not want to know more?  I can happily say that for me, it was totally worth the money and Tori agrees.

The plot is pretty cut and dry.  Marie’s brother stole money from the Motorcycle club, Reapers.  In order for the Reapers not to kill him, he has to pay in blood.  That blood is Marie becoming Horse’s “house mouse” until her brother pays the club back or whenever Horse decides he’s done with her. What is unexpected is Horse has an immediate attraction to Marie that goes beyond the typical “sweet butts” which is basically the women that are willing to be used by the club for sex, and sex alone.  Given Marie’s love for her brother and him being her only family, she agrees to the deal.  But, she is no doormat.  She resists Horse’s lifestyle, she doesn’t understand it and she bucks him on more than one occasion.  I think this is what draws the attraction from Horse.  Her strength throughout the entire situation shows him she could definitely handle being an “old lady” so naturally that is what he wants.

Amy: Horse.  Naturally my first thought was…he must be hung like one.  What do you know?  That’s exactly why he got the name! 😉  He was brutal, egotistic, intense and you knew straight up he had a violent vibe if provoked.  And yet with Marie, he was totally gone for her which tilted his axis and really drew you into his character.  He was not “pussy whipped” but I felt like you immediately knew he had strong feelings for Marie and he didn’t quite know how to process it.  So what did he do? He offered to make her his “old lady” and she shuts him down saying she will not be his piece of “property”.

Horse was dangerous.  I could smell it on him.  Seriously.  Under the delicious scent of leather, light sweat and man was a pungent strain of pure trouble.

Tori: I’ll admit, I almost didn’t read when I saw the cover. I had a serious flashback to the 80’s and thought to myself, “It’s going to be cheesy. I just paid $7.00 for a cheesy book!” Thankfully, it wasn’t. Horse. Goodness gracious.  I thought the same thing when I first read his name Great minds think alike. :) When I first met him, all I could think was, “Jerk!!” and I also wasn’t that impressed with Marie. She gave off a strong Mary Sue vibe. Though I enjoyed seeing what led up to Marie’s new lifestyle choice, it wasn’t until I got to read Horse’s POV that I really began to understand and like him. Coercion is NOT a trope I enjoy in any form so I was glad Ms. Wylde began to switch POVs. Also, Marie begins to come into her own the more time she spends with Horse and the other “old lady’s.”

Horse is a biker and boy, can you tell it. Ms. Wylde does a wonderful job of carving out his characters, revealing layers to us and Marie that deepens her understanding of him, his life, and what she is to him. Yes, Amy, you can tell right off the bat that Horse in interested in Marie, but once again, I really didn’t feel it was genuine till I heard his thoughts because his actions tell quite a different story.

Amy:  I agree. If Ms. Wylde had not given his POV, I think I would have had an entirely different reaction to the storyline and we probably would not be having this discussion, lol.  Once we were inside his mind and emotional stance, that is where we saw the reality of the person Horse was.

via Someecards

via Someecards

Amy:  Many readers are comparing Reaper’s Property to Kristen Ashley’s Motorcycle Man.  You and I both have clearly expressed our cracktastic love for Ashley.  Tack from MM is one of a kind but Horse leaves a lasting impression as well.  I love both books for different reasons. Reaper’s Property read more gritty and dark with a great resemblance to Sons of Anarchy.  My first thought was Ms. Wylde had to watch the show and it had to inspire her writing to an extent.  She did not shy away from the authenticity of violence, the code, or the sexism of how women are viewed within the club.  The plot was tight as well as the characters and there is a harsh tone throughout the storyline that clearly shows this is not a “hearts and flowers” type romance.

He’d bet a thousand dollars she had no idea the top four buttons of her shirt had come undone, showing a hell of a lot of cleavage and the outline of her black bra.  His dick approved.  It wanted to squeeze between those boobs and shoot out a pretty pearl necklace for her to wear.

Tori: I agree. It’s a mixture of Kristen Ashley’s Motorcycle Man and SOA. Motorcycle Man focused more on the romance.  You were never involved in the MC’s business beyond what Tack would tell you.  All of Ashley’s books have a crazy, over the top vibe, and her characters run the show. While you may get some angst and emotional turmoil, you know instinctively Ashley will never hurt her characters in a way that they are unable to come back from. Reaper’s Property is more like SOA in that it’s all about the club and the romance runs parallel to it. I loved how we are, in a sense, initiated into the club. We see the dark underbelly of what an MC does in all it’s violent misogyny glory. In comparison to Motorcycle Man, you weren’t sure of Horse’s and Marie’s HEA. I myself had no doubt (in the beginning) that should Marie had proved to be a liability to the club, she may have found herself in a shallow grave alongside the road.

Horse was capable of violence.  Terrible violence.  I wasn’t sure if this guy was going to survive.  I’d known it intellectually, seen him with a gun, but this was different.  This was right in front of me, real and visceral and scarier than anything I’d ever seen.

I enjoyed the subplots immensely and getting to know the other members of the club and their, errr, “friends.” lol I liked that Wylde doesn’t go completely stereotypical and with bitchy biker chicks. She cleverly creates a safety net for Marie as she deals with Horse, her brother, and becoming someone’s “property.” And thank you God, there was no jealous ex. I am so tired of new girlfriend having to contend with old nasty girlfriend.

Amy:  And then there was the romance. Thanks to Ms. Wylde’s reference in the story, I had Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar on Me reeling in my brain every time Horse and Marie got down to business.  I also had some Bon Jovi moments as well.  I can hear Bon Jovi in any sexy scene. *sighs*  Okay, I’ll get back on track now.  I really enjoyed how intense the love scenes were portrayed.  They both were famished for each other when they came together and Ms. Wylde laid it out there for us witness in raw form.  I think that is one of Wylde’s strongest qualities; her visualization.  I could smell the leather, the sweat and feel the heat and chemistry the two defused when together.  Sometimes it was passion derived from desire and other times from anger or uncertainty.

That dick of his was huge, but it felt good and I’d loosened up a lot because taking him didn’t hurt at all.  It felt great, and I loved the way his girth pushed me open, stimulating my clit like nothing I’d ever felt before.

Tori: It was…raw and dirty. Very, very dirty. 😛  I kept hearing AC/DC while reading. lol  When Horse first sees Marie-Thunderstruck. When Marie is blackmailed into becoming Horse’s house mouse (A term I HATED by the way)-Highway To Hell. And when they made love-You Shook Me All Night Long. While we have always said Ashley can write some very dirty mouthed boys, Wylde not only writes some equally dirty mouthed boys, but hers have a sense of realism to them. I never felt like she was writing to shock or convince us her boys are bad.  She let their actions speak for them. When Horse and Marie come together, so many emotions came into play. Anger, grief, distrust, ect…The scenes were visually exciting yet also exhausting. There was hint of sadness to some of them. When they both realize that they have reached an impasse and either they need to change or he needs to let her go. I was pleased with the emotional response Ms. Wylde was able to elicit from me in those moments.

Amy:  Overall, I think Ms. Wylde did a great job delivering an edgy, well-defined, tightly executed story that displays an authentic nature of what a true motorcycle club entails. I’m excited that she will be continuing the series and we will see more of the Reapers.

Tori: I agree. I liked the edge Ms. Wylde rode in this story. It’s not a nice, safe world that you know will end with rainbows and unicorn glitter surrounding our couple. We aren’t promised anything but a wide ride. I am looking forward to more of the Reapers.

Rating: B+
Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde
January 9th 2013 by Ellora’s Cave
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  1. ClaudiaGC says

    I loved this book, too! I’ve never read MM but I’ve watched SOA and yes, it was like reading an episode of it sometimes. But I didn’t mind that.
    I sometimes felt like reading about a parallel world. The rules of ‘our’ world didn’t really apply to the MC and I think the author did a good job of showing this detachment. I can’t really add anything else because you two summed it up perfectly. :)
    I so can’t wait for the next book!

  2. Bells says

    Loved this convo between you ladies. I also was intrigued by the name Horse and had to find out more about him. I loved that it was gritty and that the author didn’t sugarcoat anything. These men don’t play and that came across loud and clear in the book. Great job ladies!

  3. Holly says

    Would love to win a copy of this book, but either way I think I’m going to add it to my Amazon TBR list :)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  4. Sarah Porter says

    I have been wanting to read this book since it’s hit my radar over a week ago! Hope I’m able to add it to my TBR list.

  5. Judi L says

    I’ve seen this book discussed this past week on Twitter. Sounds like it’s right up my alley. Thanks for the giveawy.

  6. Nancy says

    I’ve heard so much about this book. I’d love to give it a try but the e-book price is kind of steep. Thanks for the chance to try the author with the giveaway!

  7. DA says

    Thank you for the quotes out of the book. Reading the “interview” was a treat. I have been wanting to read this book since I read about it on the publisher’s website. Would absolutely love to win a copy.

  8. Jodie says

    I am very excited about this book! I do love an alpha male, and Horse sounds like an alpha on steroids. Comparisons to KA also catch my interest because she is my crack too. Can’t wait to read – thanks for the awesome commentary.

  9. Rebe says

    I’ve heard such great things about this book. I’m glad to hear that Marie isn’t a doormat. The MC definitely sounds lot more gritty than I’m used to reading, that’s for sure. And that cover…yeesh. Still, I will HAVE to give this book a try.

  10. JenM says

    I’m sold! I really want to read this. I don’t watch SOA, but I loved MM and If this is grittier, sounds good to me.

  11. Mic says

    I downloaded the book tonight and have just two words. HOLY CRAP! I need to sit on a towel to read this one.

  12. Justine says

    This is a world I have not been exposed to at all, but you’ve certainly spiked my interest.

  13. June M. says

    I have been seeing quite a bit about this book and I NEED IT! I love SOA and Horse sounds like a very sexy guy that I really want to learn more about!
    Thanks so much for the great joint review & the giveaway. Btw, I can totally understand the hesitation of spending $7 on an author that you don’t know about.
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  14. says

    Hey there – this is Joanna, the author. I’m so excited that so many people are signing up for the giveaway. I wish I could give books to all of you, LOL!

    Amy and Tori – thank you so much for taking the time to read my book and write such a fun and funny review of it :)

  15. says

    Thank you for the great post Ladies, I’m just new to discovering romances featuring heroes riding motorcycles, so I’m grateful for the recommendations 😀 There is something so sexy as how they straddle their bikes… *sighs dreamily* 😉 LOL

  16. CdnMrs says

    This book sounds like just what I need to get myself out of a reading rut.
    Great joint review too. I loved that you brought up what songs came to mind while you were reading.

  17. kathybaug says

    I would love to win this ebook. Joanna Wylde is the reason I started reading ebooks 10 years ago. (Price of Pleasure)

  18. Gordie says

    I would love to win a copy of this book. I’m a huge SOA fan and a man on a bike with a bad boy attitude is so my kind of hero! :)

  19. KC says

    I’ve seen a couple of reviews of this book, and it sounds really intriguing. Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. Mary Preston says

    What a fabulous post. I had a lot of fun reading through this thank you.


  21. Irene Jackson says

    Great review and I enjoyed the little snippets from the book we got! This is going straight on my Want list. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.


  22. laura says

    After reading your reveiw,I went and bought the book.This book is so good. Im about halfway through it and I cant put in down. It is a great read!! I am so glad you mention that this is going to be a series. I will probabaly buy everybook. I love reading series books and I cant wait to read this series. Joanne Wylde is a new author to me and I am hooked on her books. I hope to read more of her books in the future. I have added her books to my buy list.