Review: Beauty Becomes You by Skye Warren

Beauty Becomes You by Skye WarrenI’ve come to the final installment of the Beauty serial by Skye Warren I have to face facts. I am not a fan of the serial format. Each installment of this serial was released too far apart to keep my attention and as a result, I sort of put off reading the final story because I wasn’t “in” the story anymore. I went back and read my reviews of the previous releases to refresh myself. I know books in series are sometimes released with years in between each release but in that case you at least get a complete story with each release. Breaking up the story into short segments and then releasing them too far apart diminishes my enjoyment of the overall progression of the story and romantic relationship. I think would have enjoyed Erin and Blake’s romance so much more if it had been released as one book, or the installments released much closer together.

In this final installment we see Blake and Erin coming to the end of the semester. They decide to not take any chances and agree to stay away from each other until after graduation so there is no chance of jeopardizing what they’ve both worked for professionally and academically. During their time apart Blake faces some uncertainty with his career and Erin has some personal struggles back home. They ultimately need to lean on each other for strength but their relationship was never in any jeopardy, they both just need to work through their own issues and then be together. This final installment ties us of all the loose ends and Erin and Blake get their happy ever after.

I suppose I expected the finale to be a little more exciting. But I was let down. The conflict involving a woman from Blake’s past is resolved quite easily which was unexpected since she seemed like she was poised to cause Blake and Erin a good deal of trouble. I thought the story was building up the conflict which would peak and then be resolved, but there just wasn’t much real conflict at all to be resolved at this point. While I was happy to see Blake and Erin get the happy ever after, I felt this last installment fell short of my expectations.

It’s hard to rate this one. As the final installment, I was unimpressed. However if I had read this serial as one book so that the story maintained it’s momentum, I’d probably lower the overall rating for the disappointing ending but still rate it more favorably because the story was sensual, and emotional and I liked the couple very much. So, overall I’d give the serial a C+ but this final last installment gets a D.

Rating: D
Beauty Becomes You by Skye Warren
August 2nd 2013 – Self Published
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