The Black Dagger Brotherhood “Caption This” Giveaway (Trhixie Is Back Bishes!)


Hey people. Z here, AKA Trhixie.  Last time I was here I took this bitch over and rocked your world with my vampire llamas, a kick-ass Lesser slaughter and I got freaky with my man V. Every time I party at Fiction Vixen the shit gets crazy. I gotta admit, I love FV. But what’s up with her calling herself FV? We made that shit cool. Whatever FV.

My man Tohr is about to get his world rocked yet again when his book Lover Reborn is released tomorrow and to celebrate, Smexy and FV are bringing the BDB love and giving away some cool shit. You have two ways to play, here’s the sitch:

Z and V - Black Dagger Brotherhood

Check me out and caption my ass.  That’s right. You make up a caption for me and my man V in the picture above and leave it in the comments for a chance to win a $50 gift card from either Amazon, B&N or JR Ward’s Cafe Press Store, winner’s choice. My peeps will vote for the winner on Tuesday. You can enter as many captions as you want.

What? I’m too sexy for your brain? Can’t come up with a caption? Or you just want enter me… I mean enter twice? Ok then, check out my two skits here at Fiction Vixen:

Z and Bella, The Honeymoon Is Over

Black Dagger Brotherhood – Z’s Story Continues

Come back tomorrow to vote on the top five captions. FV and I will be announcing the winners of both giveaways on Wednesday. Good luck suckahs!!

Stop by Smexy Books today too for more chances to caption a pic and win!!

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  1. Ferishia says

    I’m sorry I’m reading this at work. I have real tears in my eyes from laughing so much! FV RAWKS HARD!! 😀

  2. says

    “I faught Paris Hilton on the runway and won to get these pink tule threads!”

    I like the ‘caption this’ game 😉 E!News has it too and it cracks me up !!

  3. shannonB. says

    “Yo Z, getcha creepy dress wearin’ ass outta the way man… iCarly is on, true?”

  4. says

    Pink satin ribbon: 94¢
    One yard of pink tulle: $2.12
    Pair of elbow pads: $9.98
    Pair of leather wrist cuffs: $34.95

    Trhixie looking moobalicious in his new ensemble: PRICELESS.

  5. Alicia Jespersen says

    “You look like the Ballerina Barbie puked all up your ass!”

    “What? Lassiter Promised this was MY color.”

  6. bn100 says

    This pink dress totally works with my 70’s style psychedelic dress. Where’s your outfit? We gotta get ready for the show.

  7. Stacy says

    V- “Dude, it looks like you sh*t cotton candy all over your nasty self.” “When Wrath see’s you……….

    Z- “Wrath can’t see sh*t man!”

    V- “F**k, my bad!” “True?”

  8. jaymzangel says

    Z/Trhixie: Fuck you & your Barbie Fantasy Dream House roleplay, Vishous. We were supposed to do Game of Thrones roleplay this week.
    V: You know only Wrath can pull of Khal Drogo, true? He has the best moobs.

  9. Juliana says

    “Joan Rivers just featured me on Fashion Police’s ‘Bitch Stole My Look’.”
    “Really? Who wore it first?”
    “Snooki… pregnant Snooki.”
    “Baby, you GOT to change your outfit!”

  10. Annie says

    “Damn, Z, Bella’s gonna sh*t when she sees you wearing black elbow pads with her pink Stella McCartney! You feel me?”

  11. monica says

    V : Z, honestly, what the hell are you thinking, man?!

    Z : Dude, what’s the best way to grab those cuties by being a self- righteous fashion victim

    V : no way jose, am I going to that party , dude. You’re on your own!

    Z : No problemo. Don’t get jealous when I bring them home with me.

    V : ………..