BBAW Interview with Damaris From Good Choice Reading

I’m excited to participate in BBAW this year!  Every year participants sign up for an interview swap for the opportunity to get to know other bloggers in the community. This year I’m swapping interviews with Darmaris from Good Choice Reading. Let’s get to it.

Good Choice Reading

Sophia:  Why don’t you give us a little background on yourself and your blog? 

Damaris: My name is Damaris and I run the blog Good Choice Reading, along with my cousin Maria and long time friend Wanda. I live in Southern NJ, but originally from NYC. I am a full-time mommy to two amazing little boys and a wife. When I am not in mommy mode, I am reading or blogging, or just chatting with everyone on Twitter and Facebook LOL.


Sophia:  When I was paired with you as a review partner for BBAW I was thrilled since we’ve tweeted with each other on twitter. Does twitter play a big part in your blogging experience in how you connect with other readers and do you think it’s a valuable tool for blogging? What other social networks do you use to connect with other reader?

Damaris: Twitter plays a very big part in my blogging world. Without Twitter I probably wouldn’t know some of the people I know today. I find that it’s a lot easier to connect with authors, book bloggers, family, etc. I know it’s only 140 letters per tweet, but I get a lot done on twitter. I also use Facebook a lot, but mostly to connect to with friends and Family outside of the blogging world. Good Choice Reading has a Facebook page, but we use it mostly to promote anything on the site such as giveaways, reviews, etc. Once in a while we’ll chat with other bloggers or authors on Facebook, but not very often.


Sophia:  I see that Good Choice Reading is a collaborative blog like Fiction Vixen. What is the best part of sharing a blog with friends?

Damaris: Honestly, it lifts a lot off my shoulder. We truly do work as a team. A great thing about working with Maria and Wanda (And our guest reviewers) is that if there is a book I cannot get into, or do not have interest in, I can pass it on to one of them and most of the time they end up loving it. Same goes for me. If one the girls want to pass on a book, they can pass it along to me. This way the publisher or author isn’t missing a review. With the amount of books we get, I think if I didn’t have them to help me out, half of them wouldn’t be read. It’s nice too because we have one review up a day. So it keeps the blog pretty busy. Gosh, I hope I made sense lol.


Sophia:  How many books do you typically read per week and how do you maximize your reading and blogging time?

Damaris:  Ha! I can read about four books a week. I have to really be into them though. Over the summer I must have hit a reading slump, because I passed on a lot of books. For whatever reason, I just couldn’t get to a lot of books. I am on the blog and reading in between at least ten hours out of my day. I am a stay at home mother so I have plenty of time on my hands LOL. Especially now that my oldest is in school and my youngest will be in Daycare soon.


Sophia:  Print or e-Books?

Damaris: I actually like both. I can read two books at a time this way. During the day I am reading a print book, and at night I am reading in bed either on my eReader or Iphone. So I get more reading done this way lol.


Sophia:  You’re stranded on a desert island and your rescuers know where you are. There is no place to land a plane and a rescue boat can’t get to you for months. They are going to drop some basic supplies for you such as food, water, clothing etc. But you get to pick 3 luxury items in addition to two books. What do you choose?

Damaris: My Iphone/Ipod (though not sure how I would charge it)….Actually they are pretty much bringing me everything I need, books, iPod, clothes food and water. What else do I need? Oh, My eReader. This was a tricky question lol.


Sophia: Thanks so much for stopping by today. It was fun chatting with you. :)

Visit Damaris at Good Choice Reading and on Twitter.


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    I call Twitter my playground. I love being on there and socializing with everyone. It really does bring the book community, bloggers and authors alike, together.

    Great interview!

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    I was really reluctant to join Twitter, but once I did I connected with far more bloggers and booklovers than I had previously!