Author Kelly Jamieson Shares Holiday Memories (With Pics!) + Giveaway

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Kelly Jamieson Christmas 1

I don’t know how old I was in this first picture, but I’m guessing about four. (Times like this are when I wish my mom was still around to help me — miss you, Mom!) You can see that I don’t look very happy, despite it being Christmas! This might be one of those Christmases where I apparently came out to see all the presents under the tree, took one look and went back to bed with a sick stomach. I was just so overwhelmed by it all. My family wasn’t wealthy, but kids were very special to my Dad’s side of the family, and he and his sisters, who had no kids of their own, completely spoiled us.

When I had kids of my own, I realized why children make Christmas so special. I’ll never forget my two year old daughter peering wide-eyed down the stairs at all the presents under the tree, saying, “Oh my gosh, he DID come!”

Kelly Jamieson Christmas 2

This next picture has the date written on the back of it, so I can tell you I was six. That’s me (on the left) and my sister on Christmas morning peeking around the corner…at Santa!! That year we saw Santa was a definite highlight of our young lives! We were spending Christmas with my aunts (the aforementioned child spoilers) and Grandma. We’d been woken by the sound of a thumping on the roof, and then my aunt’s next door neighbour came to the door shouting, “Wake up, wake up, there are reindeer on your roof!” We all scrambled out of bed (as you can see from the lovely bedhead hair and cute PJs I am sporting) and my sister and I excitedly scurried downstairs and peeked into the living room. Santa was sitting there with his white beard and dressed in a red suit (and strangely, smoking a cigarette — hey, it was the 60s). Of course years later we learned the whole story behind it, how the neighbor had climbed onto the roof and pounded with a broom handle while his wife came to the door, and my aunt had let “Santa” in the front door so he was sitting there when we got downstairs.

I guess because that was such a highlight for me, it led me to perpetuate similar hoaxes on my own children. When they were small, we lived in a house that had a one-story addition on the back, and our second-floor bedroom window looked out onto it. Once the kids were in bed, my husband would climb up there with a hockey stick and make what looked like sleigh-runner tracks in the snow. He would toss a half-eaten carrot onto the snow (because we always leave a carrot for Rudolph, along with pizza and beer for Santa) and walk in his boots to the fireplace chimney.  In the morning, I would call the kids to come look out the window – “Look! Look! Santa was here!” They were so thrilled by this evidence of his visit! I’m not sure, but they might still actually believe it, even though they are now 19 and 22. :-)

Kelly Jamieson Christmas 3

This last picture is me when I was about seven. The red velvet and white lace dress was made for me by my Grandma and I LOVED it! My sister had an identical one. We were less than two years apart in age and our parents often dressed us identically. But this is another tradition I was happy to continue for my daughter when she was little — a special Christmas dress every year.

What are some fun memories or traditions that you’ve carried on in your family?


Kelly Jamieson is a best-selling author of over twenty romance novels and novellas.  Her writing has been described as “emotionally complex”, “sweet and satisfying” and “blisteringly sexy”. Where you can find KellyWebsite || Twitter || Facebook || Goodreads || Nine Naughty Novelists || Pinterest

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  1. Chris Bails says

    I love decorating the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. That has become a tradition for us. Daddy puts up the tree, and mommy and the kids decorate. My son & husband also are in charge of the lights on the outside of the house.

  2. elaing8 says

    Thanks Kelly for sharing your memories and pictures.
    My favorite tradition was opening a gift on Christmas Eve. I think my parents thought it would take the edge off and get us to go to bed on time. My siblings still do that with their kids too.

    • says

      We used to do that too! And yes, I think it was to keep us from going nuts. I remember getting older and there were fewer presents and I decided myself I didn’t want to do that any more, I wanted to save all the gifts for Christmas morning. :-)

  3. Joanne B says

    I remember we started baking for the holidays the day after Thanksgiving so we could get it all done. I still do this. I try to make at least one different cookie or bread, etc. every day.

  4. TrishJ says

    We do the cookies for Santa and food for rudolph. Last year we were having trouble getting the kids down for bed so my son went outside and rattled some bells. The little ones were afraid Santa came and left because they were still awake. Needless to say, they went to bed and were so excited next morning cuz Santa came back.

  5. Martha Lawson says

    We used to always put up the tree on Thanksgiving afternoon. I love reading the stories especially the one with Santa in the living room smoking a cigarette!!

  6. Helen says

    We always open presents from family after dinner Christmas Eve and then start all over with Santa’s presents Christmas morning. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. LSUReader says

    We were doing one of our favorite Christmas traditions on Saturday–decorating Christmas sugar cookies. This time, both 4-year old grandkids were involved.

    • says

      Oh cookies with the kids! More fun! Although I do remember being frustrated that they adamantly wanted to do their own thing – black icing on the Christmas trees, anyone?? :-)

  8. Sandypo says

    My Christmas tradition is baking my cranberry and pistachio (red and green, get it?) biscotti that we give as gifts to special friends. They’ve become quite popular and my husband has to beg to eat any because I want to save them for the gift bags…

  9. June M. says

    My favorite tradition growing up was when my entire family would gather at my grandparents’ house for Christmas Eve (including their 11 children & in-laws, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and a few other family & friends). After dinner, we would all gather around and my grandfather would read the story of the first Christmas aloud from his Bible. Since he passed away, I really miss this tradition. I do have a few years on DVD, but it is just not the same.

    • says

      I love that! We still have some my kids made when they were small – they roll their eyes every time I pull out those lopsided, smeary-painted ornaments, but I love them.

  10. JenM says

    I don’t have any traditions because I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I love reading about everyone else’s.

  11. Penni says

    We have a mixture of traditions in our family. Hiding the pickle ornament is one….the child who finds it hidden int he tree gets a blessing of good luck all year and an extra present! We have St. Nicholas Tag on December 6th, with treats in our stockings/shoes. Then the typical american Christmas parties and family gatherings.

  12. Diane Sallans says

    I enjoy our towns Christmas Eve Carol Sing!

    Do they even sell that hanging tinsel stuff anymore?

    • says

      Ha! I’m not sure if they sell tinsel. That was ONE tradition I didn’t carry on! I remember how my sister and I would throw clumps of it on the tree and my mom would fix it, hanging each strand painstakingly one by one so it was perfect. Then the cat would eat it and barf.

  13. Kristen G. says

    I have such good memories of me and my Mom making Christmas cookies. We always made such a mess and the cookies weren’t exactly very pretty, but they tasted great and we had such a fun time!

  14. says

    Aw you were so adorable 😀

    We have plenty of family traditions: one of them is that every year around the holidays the whole family watches While You Were Sleeping while munching on Christmas cookies :-)) We also spend the morning in our PJs eating cookies, lounging in the family room and enjoying the Christmas lights :-)

  15. Pamk says

    cute pics. I was always amazed that santa came while we were at my aunts house. Still not sure how mom did it but she had some elves somewhere lol.