Author Guest Post + Giveway: Anne Marsh

Fiction Vixen is pleased to welcome author Anne Marsh today.


Love Bad Boy Angels and Need Your Reading Fix?

Lots of folks have claimed that fallen angels are the new vampire for romance novels. When I wrote my first Fallen novel (almost three years ago), there weren’t too many fallen angel stories out there, but J.R. Ward and Nalini Singh were already setting the bar high and piquing reader interest. After all, what’s sexier than a fallen angel who will stop at nothing to redeem his lost soul, to defend Heaven from Hell, or to find the love of his life? There have been series after delicious series featuring fallen angel heroes since those first books—and many memorable fallen angels to love.

I wanted my own fallen angels to be bad boys. Sexy to the bone. The kind of alpha hero who would go to the wall for a woman and be willing to put it all on the line. Zer, the hero of my new release His Dark Bond, is no angel. He’s explored every flavor of sin imaginable since he was stripped of his wings and Fell from the Heavens. Zer needs to be saved in the worst way possible—and Nessa St. James is just the woman to do it. Sure, she’s got problems of her own—her job is on the line and there’s a serial killing dogging her heels—but she’s not ready to consider the bargain Zer proposes. If she bonds with him and becomes his temporary mate, he’ll grant her one favor. Any favor at all. His proposal is a sexy tease, but she has no intention of saying yes… and Zer has every intention of persuading her to change her mind. The fate of the Fallen and his own personal redemption are riding on that one little word.

He held out one large, male hand, and, God, was she tempted. She shouldn’t. Oh, she really shouldn’t. But it had been so long since she’d done something just for her. She knew it didn’t mean anything, couldn’t mean anything, so she wouldn’t get hurt. She wasn’t in the market for happily-ever-after, and, even if she had been, he wasn’t selling anyhow.

“No strings,” she warned, and she put her hand in his. His fingers closed over hers. Strong. Warm. She couldn’t tear her eyes from the fit. The teasing sensation of skin against skin wouldn’t let her forget how rough he was, how masculine, how hard.

Not quite human.

He murmured a command, and the lights dimmed, wrapping them in a dark cocoon. Just the two of them, Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

“Come with me.” His voice was a dark promise. “Don’t renege on me now. I’ll make you feel good, baby.”

“This doesn’t mean anything,” she warned again. She almost didn’t recognize her voice. The tone was raw, husky with unfamiliar need.

“Understood. Just pleasure,” he coaxed.

He drew her back to the vidscreens. Settled into the large leather armchair, pulling her down onto his lap.

“Watch,” he breathed against her skin. One hand moved confidently over the bank of controls, punching in codes. The camera zoomed in, and Nael filled the small screen, still wrapped around his blond.

One of my favorite things about the new love for fallen angels, however, is that there are so many incredible takes on fallen angels out there—you could read for weeks. Here are some of my favorite or TBR fallen angel books…

Angel of Darkness by Cynthia Eden
Angel’s Blood (Guild Hunter) by Nalini Singh
Archangel’s Kiss (Guild Hunter, Book 2) by Nalini Singh
Ashes of Angels and Fallen Michele Hauf
Conquer the Dark by L.A. Banks
Covet, Crave and Envy (Fallen Angels) by J.R. Ward
Demon Blood (The Guardian Series) by Meljean Brook
Heart of Darkness by Gena Showalter
Her Dark Angel and Her Fallen Angel by Felicity Heaton
Vampire Mine by Kerrelyn Sparks
Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong

What are your favorite fallen angel books, or what fallen angel books you’re most looking forward to reading? 


Bond With Me His Dark Bond

Anne would like to giveaway a pair of signed copies of Bond with Me the first book in her Fallen series, and His Dark Bond, her latest release, to one lucky reader.

To enter answer the question above.

Open to US and International entries. You have until end day February 3 to enter, winner will be announced soon after.

Giveaway sponsored by: Anne Marsh

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  1. Diane says

    Nalini Singh’s Archangel Raphael is probably my favorite fallen angel and the great fact is even after finding love with Elena he’s still a very bad boy in a good way!

  2. Carl says

    I’m going to be a stodgy old man and pick one of the granddaddy’s of them all, John Milton’s Paradise Lost. I know, it’s a slog, probably nobody will even pick it up just because I mentioned it. But how about this, writing about fallen angels goes back to at least 1667. That’s 345 years to catch up on, better hurry y’all.

  3. Stacy says

    I recently read “Touch of Crimson” by Sylvia Day and I think it’s a good beginning to a new series (Renegade Angels Series).
    Thank you for the opportunity to win these books, they sound amazing! I LOVE bad boy angels and need my reading fix!

  4. Ren says

    Ummm, fallen angels…
    Actually my favorite series, Guild Hunter by Nalini Singh is about angel and archangels, not fallen angel, LOL! I had once read Hush Hush, but can’t get into the story that have so many Twilight vibe.
    Books about fallen angel I want to read, maybe Kristina Douglas or Heather Killough Walden’s books

  5. Chris Bails says

    I love Fallen angels. I love JR Ward and have her Fallen series in my TBR pile. I love Cynthia Edens books, but have not read Angels in Darkness yet. I recently got the first 4 books of Nalingi’s books, but still have not had a chance to read yet. Felicity Heaton’s Angels books are an awesome series. Sylvia Day’s series is also another good book. I am going to have to move the JR Ward Angel series up higher in the TBR pile. I love BDB, so am sure that will love this one also.
    Both of your books look great and would love to win and read. You are a new author to me and would love to win and read your books. I love to read and am always looking for new authors to check out. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. says

    Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series is my favorite Angel series, although I love Meljean Brook’s Guardians as well! I’m not a big fan of JR Ward’s angels, but I’ve heard the series gets better with the 3rd book, so maybe I should give another try!

  7. Linda S. says

    I’m going to echo the previous Nalini Singh & Meljean Brook recommendations and add in what I hope is a non-syncophantic way that I really enjoyed the first book in your series, Bond with Me. The worldbuilding felt fresh, which is really hard to do well in the paranormal genre.

  8. winnie says

    I am a big fan of Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series and I do also enjoy JR Ward’s Fallen Angels series as well! :)

  9. Debbie S says

    The Fallen Angles by J.R. Ward, I haven’t read Nalini Singh’s yet and there are so many more suggestions here I will have to look into.

  10. Chelsea says

    I love JR Ward’s Fallen Angels Series, I love Jim Heron, and the other angels. I can’t wait for the fourth book!!! I am totally going to check out the others on the list above!! Thanks!

  11. Carla S. says

    I’ve not read any fallen angel books but this sure looks like a good place to start. Thanks for the chance.

  12. June M. says

    I did love Kerrelyn Sparks’ VAMPIRE MINE book, much like all her stories. I also enjoy the angels and fallen angels in Larissa Ione’s books. In one of the Demonica books (ECSTASY UNVEILED), the heroine was an earthbound angel. I am also greatly looking forward to learning more about the fallen angels who watch over the Lords of Deliverance.

    I only recently heard of Anne Marsh’ books. They do sound great and I would love to win copies of them.

  13. Sherry Fowler says

    So far the top of my fallen angels list is JR Wards series. She is a great writer and I love reading her books. I have several fallen angel series in my TBR pile because I totally agree with Anne Marsh: there is nothing sexier than a fallen angel!

    Mrs. Marsh’s series is definatley at the top of my TBR pile so I am thrilled at the chance to win a pair of her books!

  14. says

    I have not read very many Fallen Angel series that I can think of. JR Wards, I think a few YA series. But I really want to read Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter’s series.

    Anna is a new author to me. I would love a chance to read her books.

    Thank you ladies for having this contest,

  15. Irene Jackson says

    JR Ward’s fallen angels are my favourite very closely followed by Nalini Singh.
    Reading earlier comments have given me more books to add to my wishlist along with yours!

  16. Julie W says

    I read Vampire Mine about a year ago and that’s still my favorite fallen angel book!! Thanks so much for the chance to win this awesome giveaway:)

  17. elaing8 says

    I’m looking forward to reading Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series JR Ward’s Fallen Angels series.
    I liked Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush Hush Saga books.

  18. cindyg says

    I love Joey W. Hill’s Daughter’s of Adrianne…If you haven’t read it, you’re missing out…
    Thanks for the giveaway…

  19. Susan W. says

    My favorites are J.R. Ward’s Fallen Angels and Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series. I’m going to be looking into some of the others mentioned.

  20. erinf1 says

    Thanks for the great post and giveaway!

    Can I join the chorus and chime in with my love for Nalini Singh’s Hunter Guild Series? I know they aren’t “fallen” angels per se but they aint saint neither! :)

    This author sounds fantastic and I’m running over to add her to my wishlist!

  21. j3nny says

    I know I have a few fave fallen angel books that I love (some were already mentioned too!) but I wanted to mention one that hasn’t been brought up yet and that I recently read.

    It’s actually a prequel novella in the Etherlin series by Kimberly Frost titled First Light (part of the Tied With A Bow anthology). I read this after I finished her first book, All That Bleeds. In the novella, he’s not really ‘fallen’ but it was a good read. Frost’s next upcoming book in the series features an fallen angel and I loved him in All That Bleeds so I cant wait for his book to come out :)

  22. says

    I’m looking forward to reading all of the fallen angel stories that are listed in the post with the exception of Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong… I’ve already read that one:) Obviously I am missing out on a lot of really good books:) I sooo want to read this series!

  23. Emily Tardy says

    I have only read a couple ‘Angel’ books, but I did read J R Ward’s Fallen Angel series, along with Where Demons Fear to Tread. The only other book I can think of is Vampire Mine. I loved them, but for some reason I am unable to find many paperback paranormal books, let alone awesome angel books =)
    Thank you for the chance to win

    • Emily Tardy says

      OH I thought of another one! The Lords of the Underworld series has a Fallen angel for a little while, then things are ‘cleared up’, that who series kicks butt =)

  24. Mary Preston says

    JR Ward’s Fallen Angels Series for sure. I’m taking note of all the recommendations made here. Fallen Angels do make for great reading.

  25. says

    I didn’t even know there was a category of Fallen Angels books out there. It’s not as easy as googling “fallen angels novels” and getting a decent hit, so thank you very much for this list – it’s a start for me. I’ve read the WARDen’s books, but I wasn’t exactly overwhelmed by them. Thank you to you and Ms Marsh for the chance to win.


    I was planning on reading these on ebook. But after seeing the cover art, I think I changed my mind….




    Have read almost all of the Fallen Angels books. My absolute favs are Nalini Singh. She has some amazing characters.

  28. says

    Great blogpost, and your books sure sound good! I do love those covers! The series I am following and loving are the Guild Hunters by Nalini Singh, and the Fallen Angels by JR Ward. Can’t think of any others at the moment, except one by Annette Blair, Bedeviled Angel. That one is one of the best books I have ever read, and that sure means something! I read a lot.

    auriansbooks at gmail dot com

  29. Pam S (pams00) says

    I haven;t read Anne’s books yet but would love to given the a try as I like the Fallen Angel/Angel theme.

    Looking forward Cynthia Eden’s Angel of Darkness.. Liking Felicity Heaton’s Her Angel series. Also can’t wait for book 2 in Kimberly Frost’s Etherlin series, All the Falls. There are quite a few ohers out there I’ve enjoyed and looking forward to as well!

    pams00 @

  30. says

    I really looking forward to read Nalini Singh, Guild Hunter series. I love the way she create a supernatural world that out of my imagination.
    But, I like J.R Ward Fallen Angel series too.

    Fallen Angels are contradictive beings, from good guys become not really good guys, depends on how we see it, but still they are really great heroes in bad boys style.

  31. Tracey Hall says

    I was checking out this site because of EL James blog tour & noticed this book. It looks so interesting!! I love your idea of bad boys & look forward to enjoying your book :) ~Tracey xoxox