Author Guest Post + Giveaway: Vivian Arend

Fiction Vixen is pleased to welcome author Vivian Arend today.


Word of mouth is a wonderful thing (or not)

Back when my cowboy books first came out, I know that FV found out about them from a fellow blogger, Pearl at Pearl’s World of Romance. I knew Pearl from having had her review a previous contemporary of mine, and eventually the grapevine did its business and FV found the Coleman books. Which I seem to remember, she liked. (nom nom!)

I share that story because even before the invention of cell phones, IM and Twitter, people who lived in small towns were always up to date on the current news. Small town= INSTANT information. When I was working in a booming metropolis of 300 people, I could walk out the front door of the rental apartment and by the time I’d get to work, all of six blocks away, my co-workers would have already heard what outrageous outfit I was wearing THAT day.

Because, of course, once I knew they were watching and talking, I may as well give them something to talk about, right? 😉

Rocky Mountain Heat is one of those books that I shared with Pearl who shared with FV, who shared with her blog. And now, it’s a new and revised and updated version. Longer and filled with more cowboy goodness, and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

BTW, today I’m wearing a multicoloured gypsy skirt, bright blue tank top and cowboy boots. Pass it on… 😉


Release information for the upcoming SIX PACK RANCH books

Book 1: Rocky Mountain Heat: November 15, 2011

Book 2: Rocky Mountain Haven: January 10, 2012

Book 3: Rocky Mountain Desire: March 13, 2012


Rocky Mountain Heat
Six Pack Ranch, Book 1

He’s the one who taught her to ride. Now all he wants is to ride her.

Blake Coleman is old enough to know that acting on impulse causes nothing but a heap of trouble. But when trouble’s a western-hat-wearing blonde with slim legs that go on forever, what’s a man to do? Wanting the sweet girl next door is just wrong. The responsible thing to do is keep his hands off.

Jaxi has other plans for Blake’s hands, and his heart. She may have once considered him a big brother, but that was a long time ago. She’s all grown up now and ready to convince him that she’s perfect for him. Except he can’t seem to see past the big “don’t touch” sign that’s apparently still hanging around her neck.

When Jaxi ends up living right under Blake’s nose, the undeniable heat between them slides off simmer and leaps up to barn-burning levels. However, a few of the younger six-pack Colemans have decided Jaxi’s brand of trouble is worth risking a few busted bones.

That is, if Blake’s finally ready to let go the reins and fight for what he wants…

Warning: Sexy cowboys seducing and being seduced in trucks, pool halls and barns. Droolworthy country charm, a little double-teaming, a few secrets and a whole lot of brothers to look forward to. Anyone wanna go for a ride?


First Chapter: Excerpt

Buy links: Samhain | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

Vivian Arend: Website | Blog | Twitter


Vivian would like to giveaway an ebook copy Rocky Mountain Heat to one lucky reader. To enter leave a comment here and tell us what your favorite thing about a cowboy romance novels is. (My list is pretty long) Giveaway is open until Nov. 11 winner announced soon after. Open to all.


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  1. says

    It’s the whole package. There’s something about a cowboy in jeans, boots and a cowboy hat with muscles that come from ranching and not working at the gym that is just hot. 😉

    I know of your other series, not this one. Sounds very fun.

    Oh, and I know what you mean about small towns. I’m always running into neighbors, students I teach or my kids’ friends when I’m out shopping. It’s hard when you’re having a bad hair day. :-)

  2. TrishJ says

    Oooo, sexy cowboys. Can’t go wrong. I love the boots and cowboy hats. just something about a hunky guy struttin around in cowboy boots. The books sound sooo good. Cant wait to read them.

  3. says

    This post made me smile this morning!! :) I love cowboy romances – the hats, the heroes, the animals, the romance…it’s always pretty wonderful!

    P.S. I giggled when reading the “Warning”

  4. heather k says

    Well who doesn’t love a cowboy?? :) For me, it is the overall attitude (think James Bond meets the wild west!). More than likely however there are just as many a!#hat cowboys as regular boys out there! But it is fiction, right I enjoyed Arened’s contemporary romances, and am looking forward to this series. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. says

    This is so exciting. I read Rocky Mountain Heat when it originally came out and loved it. I like the sound of this rewritten and longer version. Not sure how I lost track of this series but now it’s back on my radar.

    Let’s see cowboys are just so dang sexy from their sexy swagger, drawl, ruggedness, down to earth attitude, and their way of living and relying on land and hard work to eek a living. I just love it. Their my idea of modern day highland warrior! :)

  6. ClaudiaGC says

    I’ve always been wary of cowboy books because *gasp* I’ve never ever met one as I’m living in Europe. No cowboys here sadly. So, I wasn’t sure I could get into the whole Yeehaw!-thing. But then I’ve read my first Lorelei James book and I’ve fallen in love with cowboys. :) I’m really looking forward to reading this series. It sounds really great and the covers are hot, too.

    Thank you for the post and giveaway!

  7. Buttercream says

    Cowboys just seem very down to earth, loyal and harworking. These are traits that are great for any man. I like to see them fall in love because they seem lonely usually in places that have a lot of land and not a lot of people.

  8. Maria (pronounced Mariah) says

    I love how cowboys are down, dirty and to the point no matter what! They are hard working and loyal to the core! Downright sexy if you ask me!

  9. Monica says

    I love cowboy romances! The best part is the cowboy hat and the boots!! Thank you for the giveaway.

  10. Emily Tardy says

    Cowboy’s in romance novels are what readers want in their Hero… They are what every female wants, they take care of those around them and are not scared of a hard days work =D


  11. Jessica C. says

    I love cowboy romance books because the cowboys are always very gentlemanly.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  12. June M. says

    I love Vivian Arend’s shifter books but have not read any of her cowboy stories yet. My favorite thing about cowboy books are the cowboys: they are muscular, work and play hard, & know there way around rope (lol).

    June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  13. says

    Love this, Viv. I was lucky enough to marry my cowboy and have ranching war stories from our early married years that are too hysterical. :) Needless to say, I love a good cowboy.

  14. Jen B. says

    First of all, thank you for sharing the cover of Rocky Mountain Desire. I LOVE IT! Now, why do I like cowboy romance? The men are M-E-N! The women are strong and capable. But, I think the lifestyle is so amazing. Working the land or maintaining a herd is so foreign to me that it is a total escape to read about it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. Debbie S says

    for me there is something sexy about the cowboy hat, boots, and the long rider coat (you know the long one that splits in the back) has to be black though!

  16. JenM says

    I guess I love cowboy romances because of the setting. There’s nothing sexier than a guy who can ride a horse at full gallop and spends his days outside doing physical labor.

  17. Marlene says

    I love cowboys from their tight jeans to the cowboy boots. And they always have that swagger when they walk. They are just too ho,t I just love reading about cowboys.

  18. Sherry S. says

    I love cowboy books. I think one reason I love them is a cowboys attitude, the take charge I’m in control way that they have. I also love the jeans, boots and hat that they wear.

  19. Amy says

    My favorite thing about cowboy romances is that the cowboys tend to be very alpha and protective and have that charm about them.

  20. ferishia says

    It was awesome to meet Vivan at the Bellevue, WA book signing event last month! She is SO nice and funny! :)

    My favorite thing? The HOT cowboy of course! I’ve just been made aware of this genre of romance just recently and I’ve not had a chance to read very many of them. There is something about a rugged looking man dressed in cowboy gear; the hat, the boots, the worn jeans, and a t-shirt that when pulled together IS just hot!

  21. barbara says

    What I love most is their strength and confidence… a very sexy combo for me!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    bimmergrlmd at gmail dot com

  22. Brenda D. says

    I would absolutely love to win this giveaway! What’s not to like about cowboys? They are sexy, real, hard working, dependable, loyal, and down to earth. The setting in cowboy books is pretty cool too. Thanks for the giveaway!