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How Do You Visualize The Characters You Read About?

Before I became published, I never casted celebrities in the roles of the characters in the books I’ve read, unless that book was made into a film, and I saw the movie before I read the book. But then I wrote a book that made me think differently. The hero I created was based on an actor I adored and found very attractive (and still do!).

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Conner, the hero from, For the Love of Mollie is blatantly based on Ryan Reynolds.I wrote Conner with Ryan in mind and even thanked Ryan under the initials of R.R. in my dedication for being my muse.

Then when I wrote, The Claiming of Suzy, again, I based my two, main male characters who vie for the attention of my heroine, Suzy, on actors.


JC is based on Mark Conseulos and Xavier is Blair Underwood.

It wasn’t until Xavier’s Loving Arms, where not only Xavier was given a celebrity face, but the heroine and other characters in this story, were also given the star treatment. For some reason, I have a better time visualizing my male characters for this series, but even though Xavier is the star in my recent release, his heroine Becca also spoke to me. Becca came quite suddenly to me.

I saw her as Mila Kunis. I also saw Devdan, Becca’s ex-boyfriend as Jason Behr, but with red hair. Becca’s friend Gabby isn’t based on an actress or a singer, but on a friend.

Now when I read other books, I sometimes visualize characters as my favorite celebrities. I just started reading Kresley Cole’s Lothaire, and I see Lothaire as Alexander Skarsgard. This is probably because I’m a big fan of True Blood.


I’m also reading Fifty Shades of Grey, the first book in the Grey series by EL James, and I see Jason Momoa as Christian, the hero. Again, it’s most likely due to my bad obsession I have with Jason *glares are Fiction Vixen for being one of the few who helped me become obsessed with this man*


But then in some instances, I don’t always visualize celebrities as some of the characters in series I’m a big fan of. Roarke and Eve from JD Robb’s In Death series stand on their own without any visual help from me. The same goes for JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood. Ward’s heroes and heroines all have their own unique features without me having to put a noticeable face to their names. When I read Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, Edward, Bella and Jacob came across to me as “new” people, where I didn’t visualize them as famous people. Even when this series became a big movie phenomenon, I couldn’t see Robert Pattison as Edward (Maybe that’s because I’m not a big fan of Rpatz as Edward?). I’m interested in seeing Suzanne Collin’s Hunger Games on the big screen in March because of the actors playing the colorful characters I’ve already read about. Will they be able to stand up to the version of these characters that have already been given created visually in my head?

Are you the type to visualize a specific celebrity or someone in your life who takes over the role of a literary character while you read? Do movies based on books influence you if you see the movie first and then read the book?


KT would like to giveaway an ebook copy of her latest release, Xavier’s Loving Arms to one lucky reader. To enter, leave a comment answering KT’s question above. Open to all until Jan15. Good luck!

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  1. says

    In J.D. Robb’s In Death series, I never picture Roarke as he is described. As I’m reading, he doesn’t have long hair, and when that is mentioned, it throws me off.

    In the books that I’m reading and writing now, Nathan Fillion gets to star as the heroes.

    And with any book made into a movie, I try to read the book first if I’m going to see the movie. Sometimes I’m disappointed with who they choose to play certain characters, but I don’t always picture them as described.

    All the best, KT!

    • says

      I almost saw Roarke as Colin Farrell in my head, but now he’s changed for me.

      I’m going to get flayed for this, but I don’t see the appeal of Nathan. He’ll always be the young Joey on the soap, One Life to Live for me!

  2. Viki S. says

    I never picture characters from books as actors. In fact, I never form a complete vision in my head while reading. They tend to morph throughout the reading.

  3. Sarai says

    For some reason any military action hero becomes Joe Flanigan from stargate Atlantis and any geeky beta male is Dr. Daniel Jackson from SG1 lol but im a scy/fy geek at heart

  4. Karen C says

    Usually the author’s description of the hero/heroine is sufficient to create a picture in my mind. I rarely, if ever think of celebrities. Probably because I don’t watch a lot of movies/don’t keep up with all that. Now that I’ve read this post, I’m sure I’ll ‘see’ Blair Underwood when I read Xavier’s Loving Arms!

  5. Susan W. says

    I don’t usually picture actors as the characters as I’m reading but I when I’m discribing them to someone else I do. Sometimes I’ll have a picture in my head and then read a desciption of a character later in the book and be surprised because it doesn’t fit my imagination.

    Having said that, I’m going to be picturing any geeky male as Daniel Jackson! Love him!!!

  6. Victoria Zumbrum says

    I picture the characters in books as real people not as actors from movies. I like to picture someone I never met as a man who I would love for them to make love to me. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book.

  7. Carla S. says

    I never picture characters in a book as any actor. For one thing I don’t see many movies and for another I just sorta go by the discription the writer gives and see them in my mind’s eye. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Chelsea says

    Sometimes the movie influences me if I see it first. Recently I read Blood and Chocolate, then watched the movie, and NONE of the characters even remotely resembled who was in my head! But sometimes, I do match up characters with famous people, or even people I know in my life…makes it fun and kinda exciting. I also love to ‘make up’ a person in my mind, using the description the writer gives then shamelessly wish they were real! :)

  9. says

    I never picture an actor in my mind when reading. I prefer forming my own image in my head. And then, I don’t watch much tv or movies, so there are not so many actors in my head, waiting to be made into characters 😉

    I also hate reading comic books, made after one of my favourite paranormal series. They drawings never ever match the pictures in my head. Which makes me unable to enjoy them.

    p.s. not entering the contest.

  10. Stacy says

    I just go by what an author describes to me such as hair length, body type, facial features and then form my own image. When the author gives a good description, then I can form a good image. Speaking of movies and books, I saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and enjoyed it! However, I found the book to be better. The beginning of the book gave alot of background info. to help you understand future events. Same with Water For Elephants, I thought the book was better! Thank you for your giveaway!

  11. Emily Tardy says

    Normally I do not visualize the characters I am reading as a celebrity. As for being influenced by movies based on books… Yes, as long as I haven’t already formed my own opinion of said character’s looks in my mind (by reading the book first), I can insert said celebrity into the role in my mind. But honestly if I feel when reading the book after watching the movie that the actor/actress did not do the character justice then I do my best to block the movie and focus solely on the book… Books are always so much better than movies =D

  12. vivian baird says

    I loved Sunday’s at Tiffany’s, I saw the movie first then went out and bought the book. I was shocked that the story was by a male Author. I read the last two stories of Twilight series because I could not wait for the movies. There was Larrisa Iona’s first book series(Seminus Demon Brothers) where I pictured a few Actors from Supernatural the T.V. series though (J. P. and J. Ackles).

  13. Renee says

    I don’t use actors to picture my heros or characters, yet I do picture them in my head based on the author’s description and what I like in a character. I do picture things like rippling muscles, hair color, and eyes. I even change them if I don’t like tham.

  14. says

    Early into my reading romances, Fabio was the man on the romance novel covers. It took me a while to get over seeing him in each of the romance heroes in my books. Now with all the hot covers, I just use what the authors give us. Most authors are great in their descriptions too and that helps.