Catherine’s April 2012 Recommendations


Real life put its foot down right in the middle of my April and made very sure that I didn’t get much reading done. So that means very few good romance novel recommendations for you. :( Luckily for this post, there were two rec worthy reads in there. :)

The Runaway Countess

The Runaway Countess by Leigh LaValle: This was a wonderful read! I was pretty shocked to learn that this was a debut book. The author had a smooth, emotional quality to her writing that I don’t often find in a new author. I really enjoyed watching the hero and heroine grow and fall in love, and can’t wait to see what this author comes out with next. This got an A- from me. The review will be posted soon.


The Witness

The Witness by Nora Roberts: This felt like a return to the Nora Roberts of old. I loved rediscovering the charm of her old style. The way she does the backstory in her standalones and the way she can build a community really stood out. The storyline was unique and different, and the hero was a lot of fun to read about. This gets a B+ from me. Read the review here.

Favorite Quote:

So far the only strike against me is curiosity?”

“There are others. Proximity, for one, which would make it awkward and problematic when I no longer want to have sex with you.”

“What makes you think you’re going to want to stop having sex with me?”

She got out two glasses, two small plates, two forks. “The law of averages.”

“Oh, that. I defy averages.”

“A lot of people believe they do. They don’t.”


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    I bought The Witness after reading your review. It will be my first Nora Roberts book. (It’s about time this hardcore JD Robb fan reads her alternate voice, lol.) I would still love for you to recommend a few of your faves since there are so many.

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      Boy is my face red. I realized that I left my rec email in my Drafts folder instead of sending it. *headslap* It’s sent now. I hope you enjoy the book. Have you started it yet?

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    Oh yes, The Witness. I always think her J.D.Robb’s book more appealing than her Robert’s books. Maybe because no hero can beat Roarke at my romance world,LOL!