Angela’s Top Ten Reasons You Should Read Beyond Pain by Kit Rocha

Beyond Pain (Beyond #3) by Kit RochaThe Beyond series is my very favorite erotica series. March’s release Beyond Control is sure to be on my best of list for 2013. While I was looking forward to this installment in the series, I wasn’t rabid for it like I have been for book four, Beyond Jealously, since learning it will be featuring an Ace, Cruz and Rachel ménage.  Man, was I misguided. Beyond Pain was so sexy, so filthy, and I absolutely adored the love story and romance between Bren and Six.

Since I have once again worn out the highlight feature on my kindle while reading I thought I would do another Top Ten list like the one I did for Beyond Control.

So here it is guys, my top tens reasons you should read Beyond Pain:

10. The women of Sector 4 are strong and completely own their sexuality.

Six saw it over and over, every time an O’Kane woman took that stage. Power in the place of helplessness, pride where she would have felt sick and exposed. There was a secret in these women that went deeper than the ink around their wrists, and sometimes she thought if she watched for long enough, she could unlock it for herself.

9. Six is still recovering from her traumatic experiences in Sector 3 at the hands of Wilson Trent, but she is slowly learning to trust one person, Bren. Mainly because she knows he would never go beyond what she wants to give.

He nodded. “I wouldn’t do anything you didn’t want, but it doesn’t stop there. I wouldn’t do anything you weren’t really fucking sure about either.”

Her heart pounded as the full import of his words slipped through her. The precarious balance of their relationship had tilted. He’d given her the power to ask for more, had painted a magical picture with deceptively innocent words.

Do anything. So mundane, but easy to imagine them lower, rougher. Whispered against her ear, they’d paint a different picture.

I want to do things to you.

8. Bren believes that sex starts with foreplay and foreplay starts long before you take off your clothes.

He closed the space between them. He couldn’t help it, just like he couldn’t help the way his voice roughened “Fucking. It doesn’t start when you get naked, not the way I do it.”

7. Bren takes it slow, always making Six feel safe and in turn sets her free to claim her lost sexuality.

She was safe. Every second he denied himself to focus on her branded that truth more deeply into her flesh, until her limbs were liquid and she barely felt them as she lifted her hands back above her head, opened her eyes, and whispered his name.

He held her gaze, his eyes locked with hers. “I’m going to do this again,” he rasped. “Lay you out where there isn’t any damn part of you I can’t taste. That’s what I want. You.”

6. Bren always has Six’s back, even when he steps aside and watches her reclaim her dignity by kicking some ass in the cages.

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do was nothing.

Bren held his ground during the fight- not because he’d promised Dallas, but because Six deserved it. A turn to test herself, to do battle against the shadows of her past and emerge not only triumphant, but bloody enough to know she’d earned her victory. It hadn’t been handed to her. She’d claimed it in  a fair contest, which meant no one could take it away. And if they did, she’d fight for it again.

5. There’s a group sex scene at 50% (in the kindle version) that is the hottest scene in the series yet. Dallas, Lex and Rachel in the spotlight and Bren and Six off by themselves… watching, listening, touching.

Bren released her mouth, and his hand brushed the small of her back as he unbuckled his belt. “Say it. Say yes.”

She’d kicked ass in the cage. She’d beaten down her past, reclaimed her pride, proven to all the people who’d seen her shamed that she wasn’t a victim anymore.

If she wanted to have sex in a warehouse while a filthy threesome played out in front of her, she fucked well would.

And she did. She so, so did. “Yes.”

4. Bren likes pain with his pleasure and Six is learning to like sex with an edge too.  But only with Bren, because he is her safe place.

“Shh. Your safe place,” he panted, closing one hand loosely around her throat. “Right here, with me.”

“Safe.” Six stopped trying to move, stopped trying to force him to move. She twisted her arms around his neck an shuddered in his grasp. “Show me.”

3. There’s a reason Dallas is the King of Sector 4 and he shows it by giving Bren some wisdom he’s learned the hard way.

On second thought, perhaps Dallas did understand. “Lex lets you off the hook way too easily, you know that?”

“Of course I do.” No laughter now. Dallas’s expression was deadly serious. “Why do you think being a better man matters so damn much? The sex, that’s good, but it’s not the prize. Trust is the prize, and the fight’s not about winning it or keeping it. It’s about deserving it, and that’s a fight a man’s got to have with himself. Every fucking day.”

2. Bren and Six belong together. They heal each other. The pain of each of their pasts slowly, but surely, turns into a real love and need for each other.

She sucked in an unsteady breath. Another. A shudder, and the tension melted from her body as she closed her eyes. “Make me feel good?”

He guided his cock until the head barely pushed between the inner lips of her pussy. “It won’t be soft or easy.”

“Nothing good ever is.”

1. The setup for Beyond Jealousy  (Ace, Cruz and Rachel’s book) was perfect. I don’t know how in the world I’m going to make it until next spring. I need this book like yesterday. When these lovers finally all make it into one bed I might spontaneously combust from the hotness.

Their mouths collided, and it wasn’t anything as pretty as a kiss. Teeth dug into his lower lip. He growled and pressed harder, taking control, kissing Ace the way he’d never let himself kiss Rachel. Rough, violent, starving, biting and needing and not worrying about what is gentle or right.

So there it is, my top ten reasons to read Beyond Pain.  I really believe this is a must read series for erotica lovers. It’s dirty, dirty, dirty (in all the best ways), but there is a beautiful journey for these hard living characters in every story. Giving up shame, giving up control and now with book three giving up the pain of your past and letting real love and trust set you free. The story arc is getting stronger and the plots more interesting. It seems like with each new release this series gets better and better. Now begins the wait for the novella and next book in the series to be released in 2014. Final Grade- A+

Rating: A+
Beyond Pain by Kit Rocha
August 26th 2013 – Self Published
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  1. says

    Absolutely agree. I stayed up WAAAAY too late reading this, and have re-read it twice already. Love, love this series and I’m blown away at how much better each book is from the one before – and the first one was amazing to start!


  2. Alesa says

    LOVE this series. Just downloaded this latest instalment but saving it for my holiday next week…Can’t wait!! And oh the anticipation for Ace, Rachel and Cruz – sigh 😉

    PS – great Top 10!