Angela’s Top Ten Reasons You Should Read Beyond Control by Kit Rocha


Beyond Control was the only erotic romance to appear on my most anticipated list for 2013. I had a feeling Dallas and Lex’s story would be intense, but I had no idea how much I would end up loving it. Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down, I stayed up until 2 am with my eyes glued to the page. I was bleary eyed and tired the next morning, but so happy. Here are the top ten reasons I think you should put Beyond Control on your must read list:

10. Dallas will do anything for Lexie’s pleasure. Even confront his own jealously.

“Bad girl.” Dallas caught her chin and gave her a faux-stern glare. “A good girl would spend the night thinking of more fantasies. And if getting bent over a desk counted, it could top what needs to be a very long list.”

“How long of a list are we talking about here?”

“Fewer than ten would be disappointing.”

“And what do you plan to do with all these fantasies?”

He smiled.

9. Dallas is all alpha male, pushing Lexie’s boundaries, trying to figure out how much control he has and how much trust she has in him.

He could do anything to her, anything, and she’d let him. Maybe even love it, as long as it got him off. It was ridiculous. It was humbling.

It was the hottest fucking realization of his life.

8. There are group scenes in Beyond Control, but the main focus is on the relationship between Dallas and Lex. Even though they welcome others into their bed to live out fantasies I always felt like they were so focused on each other that everyone else faded into the background.

“Six of us?” she asked, her voice hitching over the question.

“Two of us.” The knot pulled tight, and he dragged her head back. “Don’t ever forget it, Lex. I don’t care how many people are piled on a bed, in the end it’s still about me giving you what you want and getting off on getting you off.”

7. Noelle (from the first book, Beyond Shame) has grown by leaps and bounds. She and Jasper play around and have lots of group sex, but she knows where her heart is and actually teaches Dallas and Lex a few things.

“Bodies are just bodies. They can feel good, but they’re not the part you should get jealous over.”

6. These two are desperate for each other. They have no problem communicating sexually, but emotionally they are both fragile and afraid to open up.

Every word was another caress, a promise. Her nipples ached, and sweat sheened her skin under the water and steam. “I need you to want me so much you can’t stand it. Can’t even stop.”

He whispered three words that sent her crashing toward the edge. “I already do.”

5. When they finally connect emotionally it makes their sex scenes all of a sudden became more intense. More passionate. Just more.

Lex let go.

Above her, Dallas groaned. His mouth found her ear, teeth rough as they closed on the lobe, tongue wet and warm as he licked in time with his next demanding rock. “I’ll give you everything,” he promised, each word a panting rasp as his tempo increased. “Everyone. It’s all yours, even me.”

Especially him.

4. Dallas loves to watch Lex while she is climaxing. He gives her so much pleasure it exhausted me just reading it.

He bit her this time, closing his teeth on the spot where her shoulder met her throat. “No such thing as plenty. When it comes to you and orgasms, Lexie love, it’s never enough.”

3. Lex is strong and she forces Dallas into giving up control in order to have the kind of love she thinks they deserve.

“I’ll hate both of us,” she whispered. “Can’t you see that?” If I keep letting you do these things to me without standing up for myself, it won’t matter. There won’t be enough of me left to love you.”

2. In forcing Dallas to give up and share control in their relationship Lex ultimately sets them free. Dallas realizes what really matters in his life, what’s important and who he needs.

He thrust harder, angling to hit all the right spots. “It should. I couldn’t let you go. I knew I had to, and I couldn’t. I’ll be any man you want. A king or a beggar or a farmer or a killer. But I’ll never be the man who can let you walk away.

1. Dallas may be dirty and rough and intense, but he loves Lex. Even through the many sex scenes I felt Dallas’s need and love for her always.

“I’ve always loved you.” A shudder worked through him, and he pulled her closer. “I’ve always wanted you. They don’t have a word for how much I need you. Everything good I am, everything good I’ve ever done… it’s all you. You make me king. Without you, I’m just another psychotic thug.”

So that’s it guys. Ten reasons why you snap up this erotic, dystopian romance and read it on release day. It’s that good. When I started reading I thought this would be about two people battling for control in the bedroom, I mean come on, this book is an erotic romance and it’s dirtyyyyyy….. but it’s more than that. It’s about two people giving up control in sex, in life and in their hearts. They have to give up control in order to share who they are with each other. The real them, who they are deep inside, not the characters they play for everybody else. This book is incredibly graphic and the sex scenes are plenty , but I never felt at anytime it was only about sex. The set up for the next two books has me all twitchy and wondering how I’ll be able to wait. Final Grade: A+

Rating: A+
Beyond Control by Kit Rocha
March 19th 2013 – Self Published
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  1. Tabs says

    This just got released this morning. Kit Rocha sent a newsletter out announcing the surprise early release.

    Made my day.

    • Angela says

      You should have seen how much highlighting was going on on my Kindle while I reading.

  2. says

    I can’t wait to dive into this series now. I bought the first book from a review on Fiction Vixen and now I’m even more excited to dive in thanks to those quotes!

    I hope you enjoy the rest of the series!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. pamelia says

    Just finished this book and then my re-read of “Beyond Shame” and I CANNOT WAIT for the next one. So freaking good.

  4. leni says

    Loved the first one and so far beyond control has been just as hot to read…I’m starting to luv Bren and Ace…Cruz is not far behind them either.

    • Angela says

      Have you heard? Book four is going to be a Ace/Cruz/Rachel pairing. This makes me a very happy girl.