Angela Goes to Bikers, Babes and Books! There is Swag! *Giveaway*

Just by chance I caught the Bikers, Babes and Books author signing on a Kit Rocha newsletter. I was all heck yeah! Sign me up! Not a big event, but it was at a Harley Davidson dealership in town and there were a few authors who I really wanted to meet so I got tickets and told my best friend Cindy she was my biker babe for the day.


This is where the signing was held. Seriously, how cool is that? I was crossing my fingers that there would be a few badass bikers browsing the aisles willing to be eye candy while we waited in line for the authors.


The beautiful blonde in this pic is my best friend Cindy aka my wingman in life aka my partner in crime for the day. Oh yeah, and me.

The event was supposed to have a meet and greet beforehand with the authors, but that didn’t exactly pan out like it was supposed to. So Cindy and I decided to head down early and get in line before it got too long. We met some awesome romance readers and one mother and son who were super friendly and outgoing.  She was cracking me up talking about how she has to hide her Kindle from her grandkids due to all her naughty book reading.

The first person in line was Madeline Sheehan. Sorry, no picture… EVERYONE wanted a picture with her. One fan even did this bow down thingie to her. She was funny, talked about how different the weather was in Houston versus Buffalo, NY. Apparently she got on the plane wearing boots, lots of layers and a coat, then about died when she got off the plane and it was in the 70’s here. Lol.

My next stop was two fabulous ladies, Belle Whittington and Shauna Allen. I haven’t had the opportunity to read anything by them before, but they were so warm and welcoming that I have the urge to go look up their backlists and remedy that immediately. We all live pretty close to each other and they gave me some ideas of other book signings coming up. Yay!! I’m totally there ladies.

Immediately next to them were Laramie Briscoe and Kim Jones. Very talkative and we had a nice chat about Cindy’s sparkly shirt and my crazy, glittered up nails. It’s the little things :). Kim Jones had some awesome swag and both of these lovely ladies were more than willing to sign whatever and provide plenty of goodies for the giveaway.

The line kind of got snagged when a couple fans in front of us had Donna, (half of Kit Rocha) signing a crap ton of books, so Cindy and I had a chance to talk to Troy Mason and his wife about their recent travels on the back of his bike across the country. So fun! I think this might have been when Cindy decided she and I needed to get some bikes of our own and go on a road trip. Um, not sure about that.


When we got to the Kit Rocha table there was lots of swag. I picked up a few signed bookmarks for my giveaway and mentioned to Donna that I had just finished reading their newest in the Marked Anthology, which was freaking amazing as usual. I was trying hard to contain my fangirlness, I dearly love this series. I did manage to rec it to nearly every person I talked to in line and raved about how awesome I think this series is. All the paperbacks they had for sale were with the new covers and we discussed them versus the uber sexy original covers.


Joanna Wylde was awesome. Don’t you love her tats? I told her how excited the Fiction Vixen crew was for her new release coming out soon in the Reaper’s MC series.

I missed talking to Bijou Hunter and JC Emery. I’m not quite sure what I was doing, I might have gotten distracted. Cindy managed to get their autographs and some cool items for the swag bag.


C.M. Stunich was actually first and last on my way through the line. First because we didn’t realize we were going the wrong way and talked her up for awhile before learning we were one of those hated line cutters and headed to the back of the line. Then last because we hit her up  for a pic on our way out. She was so cool. And easy to talk to. I bet she would be crazy fun to go out for a beer with. It took Cindy awhile trying to figure out why the camera on my phone wasn’t working before she realized she’d been videoing us. Ha! We also met her cover artist and had a discussion about how smoking hot her covers are.

I would also like to give a shout out to a new blogger I met. Dawn from Reading, It’s What I Do. She was also there with her best friend and we had some fun chatting about recent reads.

Cindy and I ended up having a blast! Everyone was so friendly and I loved meeting some of my favorite along with several new authors. Now I’m all gung ho for the next event.


I managed to pick up some cool stuff. A bag, some wrist bands, signed book marks, a few books included with the bag, a Kit Rocha key chain, an event poster signed by all the authors and more. I’m giving it all away!

To enter to win this awesome biker romance swag pack, just leave a comment. Open to US only this time. You have until January 17 to enter, winner will be announced soon after. Good luck!!

We’ll be posting a review of the Marked Anthology closer to the Feb release date.


  1. Amy R says

    Thanks for the giveaway. Sounds like you had a great time, so jealous I would love to have met many of the authors you mentioned. I am going to my first author signing in September, Penned Con in St Louis, MO.

  2. Shannon Burdsall says

    It sounds like you guys had a blast and meant a lot of neat people! Thanks for sharing with us and giving us a chance to win some goodies! I hope to attend one of these signings someday!

  3. Carolyn Tanner says

    I am so jealous!! I was going to go to Houston but I supervise my grandbabies visitation with her “father” so I had to stay home. Thanks for the scoop on the event and the pictures.

  4. sarah free says

    I LOVE the new Kit Rocha Series! I also am on pins and needles waiting for the next Reapers novel mostly so we can get to Em’s!

  5. Blaye Siedschlag says

    I am so bummed that I wasn’t able to make it to the signing! This is an amazing giveaway!!!

  6. Karin Anderson says

    This looks like an awesome giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to see some things, even if we cannot go.

  7. June says

    This does look like it would have been a great author signing event. I do love reading biker books and I am always looking for some new series to check out. I already have both of the next 2 Reapers MC books on pre-order, lol.