Amy’s Friday Five


Shopping Bag

It’s time for Amy’s Friday Five again! Here are the best freebies this week found by Amy.

$0.00 Anything For You: A Coming Home Short Story by Jessica Scott
**AMZ * BN * Sony * Kobo **

$0.00 Good Cop, Bad Cop by Lily Harlem, Natalie Dae
**AMZ * BN * Sony * Kobo **

$0.00 The Admirer’s Secret by Pamela Crane
**AMZ * BN * Sony * Kobo **

$0.00 Faster Deeper by Colleen Masters
**AMZ * BN * Sony * Kobo **

$0.00 Broken Free by Azure Boone
**AMZ * BN * Sony * Kobo **


These bargains were found at AMZ (US) and prices were good as of the time of this posting. We’ve included search links for BN, Sony and Kobo however all books and/or pricing may not be available at those stores or the books may be AMZ only publications. We hope you’ll find some great book deals!

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