Amy’s Friday Five: Her Top Five Romance Freebies!

Here are Amy’s best freebies finds this week. Enjoy!!

$0.00 The Shadow Prince by Stacey O’Neale
**AMZ * BN * Kobo **

$0.00 Secrets on the Sand by Roxanne St. Claire
**AMZ * BN * Kobo **

$0.00 Wild Ride by Nancy Warren
**AMZ * BN * Kobo **

$0.00 Cash: Angel, Demon, Rock Star by Jae T. Jaggart
**AMZ * BN * Kobo **

$0.00 The Soul Mate by Madeline Sheehan
**AMZ * BN * Kobo **


These bargains were found at AMZ (US) and prices were good as of the time of this posting. We’ve included search links for BN, Sony and Kobo however all books and/or pricing may not be available at those stores or the books may be AMZ only publications. We hope you’ll find some great book deals!


  1. says

    Thanks for these! This is the 2nd week in a row I noticed so I thought I would mention… The amazon links all do not work because only the first word in the title pulls up in the search engine. Not sure if you wanted to fix that or not, or at least going forward :) You list the titles so if we really want them we can hunt them down! :)

    • Sophia says


      What browser are you using? I just tested and the links are working for me. So maybe it’s a browser conflict? I want to make sure the links work for everyone.


      • Pamela says

        I just bought the books through Amazon using the links provided on this post, and using Safari, and they worked for me.