Amy’s Friday Five – Freebies!

Shopping Bag

Each week Amy posts her best freebie finds. I usually include them in the Random Friday post but I was up and out of the house early this morning and so I missed her great links. I’m home now so here’s Amy’s Friday Five: (Thanks Amy!)

$0.00 Romancing Lady Stone by Delilah Marvelle
** [Amazon - BN - Sony - Kobo]

$0.00 Love Letters Volume 1: Obeying Desire by Ginny Glass, Christina Thacher, Emily Cale, Maggie Wells
** [Amazon - BN - Sony - Kobo]

$0.00 The Bones of Others by Vickie McKeehan
** [Amazon - BN - Sony - Kobo]

$0.00 Against The Odds by Senna Fisher
** [Amazon - BN - Sony - Kobo]

$0.00 Five Card Stud: 1 by Gem Sivad
** [Amazon - BN - Sony - Kobo]

Please note: These bargains can be found at Amazon (US) unless otherwise noted. We’ve included search links for BN, Sony and Kobo however all books and/or pricing may not be available at those stores or the books may be Amazon only publications. We hope you’ll find some great book deals!


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