Amy’s Best of 2013 Recommendations


Another year of reading has come and gone and in 2013 I found more new to me authors that made my top list while many of my go to authors brought more winners to my re-read shelf.  My top five picks were the most gripping, emotional romance books I’ve read this year.  My list and comments are short and to the point.  The point being, if they are a genre you love, you need to read them!  Happy New Year of reading!  :)

Cut & Run Series by Abigail Roux

Best m/m series I’ve read.  EVER!  I consumed the entire series in a week.  Best m/m couple in a series. I’m gonna die when Roux finishes the last book.  Seriously, Jen, Angela, Samantha and I will have to meet up somewhere for a weekend of mourning.  I think Jen and I email more about Ty & Zane than any other fictional couple.  I can’t say enough how much Ty & Zane rock.  Thank you Samantha for excessively demanding that I read this series!  I am indebted to you.

Rough Canvas and the Natural Law Series by Joey W. Hill

Not only was I fortunate enough to meet Joey W. Hill in person in 2013, but I also read one of her best BDSM series, Natural Law.  Every book in the Natural Law series exudes such powerful characters and emotion.  Ms. Hill is the Master at penning the best BDSM.  No one else comes close. Rough Canvas was my favorite book of the year and one I will re-read for years to come.  Marcus and Thomas were such a beautiful couple.  Thank you Joey for their amazing story.

The Story Guy by Mary Ann Rivers

Amazing, breathtaking, sexy, exquisitely beautiful. Probably the best debut romance novella I’ve ever read. No words to express how gorgeous this story is. This book was the best $.99 I spent this year.  Every romance reader should experience the voice of Mary Ann Rivers.

Crossing the Line by Kele Moon

Kele Moon has been a long time favorite author of mine.  I can’t name a book I haven’t enjoyed of hers and I’ve read most all in every genre.  Fans of her erotic contemporary Battered Hearts series have waited for Wyatt’s story since the beginning and we were not disappointed.  I’m a sucker for second chance love and the way Kele Moon delivers the emotion and passion of her characters it is always so gratifying to experience.

The Corrupt Comte by Edie Harris

Looking back this is one of a handful of historical romances I read in 2013.  I was burnt out on the genre until this book.  Edie Harris delivered such a passionate, beautifully written story between Claudia and Gaspard. It was so easy to invest in and love the characters.  I look forward to more from Edie Harris in the coming year.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Love Irresistibly by Julie James
  • How to Misbehave/Making It Last by Ruthie Knox
  • The Fifth Favor by Shelby Reed
  • Try by Ella Frank
  • The Backup Boyfriend by River James
  • She’s Got Dibs by A.J. Nuest



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    I really enjoyed The Story Guy, too. Lots of emotion and power wrapped into a good love story as well. Not enough of that out there these days.

    I’m a big Historical Romance fan and have never read any Edie Harris, so I’m excited to try this one. Perhaps it will be my first read of 2014, thanks!