Amy’s 2010 Top Picks

Amy’s 2010 Top 5 Picks

So this year thanks to my many friends on GoodReads and Twitter I discovered some amazing books and found a greater love for romance and urban fantasy! I also had the privilege of becoming a regular reviewer here at FVBR which added to my discovery of many incredible books. I am a character driven reader. I have to connect and invest in the characters for a book to work for me. I also want action, depth and a lot of sexy times doesn’t hurt! My top 5 picks delivered the best of the best. I hope you enjoy!

Lover Mine by J.R. Ward
Hands down my favorite PNR read of the year! Who in their right mind could not love the brothers of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. (My brother is V and I occasionally share him with Tracy and Sophia!) In Lover Mine we were finally honored with the story of John Matthew and Xhex. Ward is hands down my favorite PNR writer and she truly brought the romance back to her writing with this couple. I laughed, bit my lip to raw and cried more with this book than I ever dreamed possible. It is rare that a series will keep you so excited with it characters that you are X-ing out the days on your calendar for the next book release. This series is it for me!  Read my review HERE.

One of many favorite quotes:

“John leaned in and pressed his lips to hers; then he stretched out beside her. His body was exhausted but, his heart was alive with a joy so pure it was like the sunlight he didn’t get to see anymore: He was a mute-ass motherfucker with a nasty past and a night job that involved fighting evil and slaughtering the undead. And in spite of all that…he’d gotten the girl.”

Skin Tight by Ava Gray
After Lover Mine I was in a serious reading funk, until Skin Tight arrived on my doorstep and I had all praise for Ava Gray! This is the second book in the Skin series and my expectations were already high after discovering Reyes in Skin Games. Ms. Gray did not disappoint with Foster and Mia’s story. Two highly intelligent, sexy, strong characters and an explosive storyline that jolted me out of my funk and back into action packed story. I drank a lot of ice water and reved up the AC when reading the sexy times with Foster. He is one badass hunk of manmeat that you should not miss! Read my review HERE.

Favorite Quote:

“When I touch you I stop caring about anything else. There’s only you, looking up at me. Don’t dismiss that. Don’t take it from me because…’s never happened before.”

Mind Games by Carolyn Crane
Double Cross by Carolyn Crane

It’s the battle of the cucumber vs.kabob and I am beyond hooked and am totally a team kabob girl! (Love me some Packard!) I think my short and sweet review says it best.– Carolyn Crane is amazing! I would have never dreamed a debut author could write such brilliance so early on! I was blown away with Mind Games which opened my mind to a love for Urban Fantasy. Now, Ms. Crane has delivered beyond what I thought possible with Double Cross. Anyone who questions whether or not they should take a plunge into the Disillusionists world, I’m telling you DO IT! You won’t regret it! AMAZING! (And I need the next book, like yesterday!)  Read my review HERE.

Sin Undone by Larissa Ione
An amazing and incredible ending to Larissa Ione’s Demonica series! She saved the best assassin (Sin) for last and she was badass with a big heart. And Con, I don’t have enough words to describe how sexy and sensual that dhampire was! Sin and Con’s chemistry was off the charts HOT! Ms. Ione knows how to deliver powerful and memorable characters in a brilliant Underworld. While I will terribly miss the sexy demons, I look forward to Ms. Ione’s new series release in 2011, Eternal Rider (The Lord’s of Deliverance). Read my review HERE.

Favorite Quote: “She felt Con’s silver eyes boring into her like drill bits, and to her annoyance, her body flushed with warmth as though remembering another drilling he’d given her.”

Deadly Fear by Cynthia Eden
Talk about a psychological thriller that sends you to bed with the light on and double checking the locks! Deadly Fear brought just that….fear! Combining a serial killer with a couple of scorching hot FBI agents that reunite on the case and bring on the sexual tension for one another and you get an extraordinary start to what looks to be one of the best romantic suspense series of the year! It’s a must read but just be sure your doors are locked! Read my review HERE.

Favorite Quote: “I want you.” The words came out, bold, a little fast, from her lips. And those words – they made him hard. He gave a nod. “I’ll have you again.” She gave a real smile. Just a flash. “No Dante, I’ll have you.”

2010 Honorable Mentions:
Something About You by Julie James
Proof by Seduction by Courtney Milan
No Place to Run by Maya Banks
Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma


  1. @amyt865 says

    Mandi-YES, you do! I’m reading Deadly Heat now and it’s good! Love her Deadly series! And yes, I bow to Carolyn Crane and her kabob for bringing me to the UF side!

  2. @amyt865 says

    Sophia-Julie James man Jack Pallas is a hottie! That was a great book! I think you would enjoy it! Forbidden is a totally different ball of wax. You really have to be open minded and know going in that it’s not a “feel good” read. (It was 1 of 4 books I literally sobbed through this year!) But, it’s powerful and the characters stick with you long after you put it away.

  3. @amyt865 says

    Marce-You will love Mind Games! It was full of awesome storyline and characters!

    Paranormal Haven/Colette-You must try Cynthia Eden’s Deadly series! It has the perfect balance of suspense and hot romance!

  4. @amyt865 says

    KC-Jack Pallas oozes sexiness in Something About You! He’s true alpha male and I just wanted to lick him up!!!

  5. says

    I’ve had Lover Mine sitting on my shelf since it released, I just haven’t been able to read it. I need to read it ASAP! I also need to get my hands on Skin Tight.

    Thanks for sharing your picks Amy!

  6. says

    Nice job making your list short Amy trying to hit just the books you really, really loved! I know I wouldn’t be able to do that. LOL. I have JR Wards entire series on my list of books to read and the more I see people mention them the more excited I become!!

  7. says

    TheBookVixen-OMG you NEED to read John Matthew’s story, STAT! It was beautiful and you really see how he has come full circle from when he was introduced! And I absolutely LOVED/DROOLED over Foster in Skin Tight!

  8. says

    Deanna- The Black Dagger Brotherhood was the first PNR series I ever read and IMO, I started with the best! Ward is awesome and the Brothers are epic hotness!!! Move it to the top of your TBR for 2011! You won’t regret it!

  9. says

    blodeuedd-Well, if you are like me, I was dying for book two after Mind Games so I could NOT wait even knowing there was a cliffie! Now I’m just begging Carolyn Crane to step on it with the last one!!!

  10. says

    I haven’t read Cynthia Eden but I read the others…and I totally agree with your choices! And the quotes you chose…I’m still fanning myself!

  11. says

    Julie-You have to put the Deadly series at the top your your 2011 list! You will love it! Action packed suspense with scorching hot romance! What more could you want? :)

  12. Rhonda says

    Amy, you just hit on some of my favorite books this year too!! Your Lover Mine quote made my eyes well up remembering!