Amy Meets Jeaniene Frost in Knoxville!

Question:  What goes with a record high day of southern heat in Tennessee?

Answer:  A sizzling night with New York Times Bestselling Author, Jeaniene Frost promoting her hottest release, Once Burned.  If anyone could pull me out of my air-conditioned condo in 105 degree weather, it is Ms. Frost and the pleasure of not only meeting her in person, but picking her brain of all things in the Night Huntress realm.

Jeaniene Frost - Knoxville book signing

Let me first state that Jeaniene Frost is not only an amazing author, but she is every bit as gracious and lovely as she appears behind the walls of the internet.  She immediately thanked everyone for coming out and stated that she would hang around after the book signing to chat until Barnes & Noble kicked her out.

We had a nice group of about 75-100 people on Thursday night at Barnes & Noble and Ms. Frost started the evening by giving an overview of her books then moved on to Q&A while informing us if no one had questions, she would just start picking random people from the audience, lol.  Needless to say there were plenty of questions and I will hit some of the most important:


How did Vlad’s book come about and how many will there be?

Ms. Frost stated that she talked the Vlad books shortly after Destined for An Early Grave released and was given the go for at least two books with the possibility of a third.  She went on to state that in the beginning she had no desire to write the oldest vampire’s story but he snuck into her mind and was determined for his story to be told.  She stated that Vlad is the mystery to Leila and to the reader and that is why she chose to tell it in Leila’s POV so that the reader could see all of the facets of Vlad unravel slowly.


Will Ian have a book?

Ms. Frost cringed a little and stated that Ian has a long way to go before he is ready for his own book.  He is currently NOT hero material and would definitely need an older heroine. She went on to state that Ian is lonely and covers it with his sleaziness and at the moment he would take a beating like foreplay so definitely not ready to step into a hero role, lol.  She believes he can be better than he is and hopes that he will get there.


I asked my all important question of if/when Tate would have a book.

She laughed and stated that she did not have enough of a story in her head to write a complete book for his character at the moment but, never say never.  She went on to state that he will appear in the next Night Huntress installment.  I asked her to start focusing her dreams on Tate since Cat and Bones story came to her in a dream. :)


Has she been approached with any movie offers for the Night Huntress series?

She stated no movie offers yet and that was so far from her thought process.  She looks at it like the lottery, if it happened it would be great but she’s not betting on it!

Jeaniene Frost - Knoxville book signing

What has been her hardest book to write?

Every book is a challenge but she stated that Halfway to the Grave was her biggest challenge.  It was her first complete book and required the most revisions.  She went on to state that Destined for an Early Grave was also difficult because of the extended flashback scene.  It had a ton of stuff going on and at times was difficult to keep in order.


Does she see the end to Cat & Bones, Night Huntress series and if so how many books are left?

Ms. Frost replied that she was scheduled to write nine books total but it may only be eight.  She thinks their end story will fit in books seven and eight and went on to say it’s time, they need a break.  Cat & Bones may pop up as side characters in future books but their story is told after the series is complete.


Does she have a favorite character?

Ms. Frost laughed and stated her favorite is whomever she is writing at the moment.  She is a character tramp, lol.


Ms. Frost closed out the Q&A talking a little about the publishing industry and also how she uses music and junk food to enhance her writing. She went on to state that she now has her own home office so her husband is not subjected to the same song on replay, countless times, when she is writing a scene.  She also watches The Killing to cleanse her mind, lol.  She finally stated that she has more possibilities in her head for stories than her lifetime will allow and that there will always be a paranormal element to what she writes.

Ms. Frost signed every single book and there were some fans that came with 10+.  (She personalized my Ch. 32 of One Foot in the Grave, laughing calling me naughty the entire time.*squeal*)  She also took individual pictures and gave out fan bracelets as a token of her thanks for everyone beating the heat to attend.

Jeaniene Frost and Amy

After the signing was over, I got to spend some one on one time with Ms. Frost gabbing about Game of Thrones, (Frost loves Tyrion, loves!) True Blood, Spartacus and other favorite television shows.  We discussed our favorite authors in the PNR genre and authors that are making a buzz in self-publishing.  She gushed about her newest addition to the family and what an adjustment it’s been training a young puppy to acclimate with her current dog.  I think we hit about every subject and then it was 9:45 p.m. and Barnes & Noble was ready to call it a night.

I can attest to the fact that Jeaniene Frost is the real deal.  She is such a kind, honest (and naughty at times) woman and the kind of gal you would love to have wine and chill with any night of the week.  She stated at the beginning of the signing that she felt incredibly blessed with her success and I can confirm she is every bit as deserving of it.  My hope is that she continues to be blessed in succeeding in a work she so obviously loves.



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  1. Lexi says

    Sounds like fun! And it is always great to find out an author is truly a good person and fun to visit with.

  2. says

    “Grrrr. The Ian answer annoys me, because she gives it every time. And, I mean, he’s not there yet because she hasn’t written him there yet. Can’t she just, I don’t know?, hurry him along somehow….? No, I do know what she means but it’s still frustrating because I LOVE him. Bit concerned with her ‘older woman’ comment. I hope that isn’t a subtle hint that it will be Justine because I cannot stand her (and don’t think I’ll ever be able to!).

    Thanks so much for posting this – so interesting :)”

    • says

      Well the Tate answer annoyed me lol. I want Tate to have a book! I stated the importance of that several times throughout the night. :)

  3. Mandi says

    “Gah! Ian needs a book. No really. AND Tate. My two favs 😉

    I really enjoyed Vlad’s book. While I’m sad to see Cat & Bones come to an end, the past couple have been only okay for me. I really hope she ramps up the sex in the last few.”

  4. says

    Sounds like a great night, Amy! And sheesh, I want Ian’s book! The fact that he’s not totally hero material yet is WHY I want his book actually, LOL.

  5. says

    “Cat and Bones have been my favorite couple forever now. I absolutely love them together. I will be sad when they come to an end.

    I am very jealous you got to meet Ms. Frost. It sounds like she would be a very nice person to see. I am happy to hear that!”

  6. says

    “So flattered by the lovely recap, Amy! Thanks again for coming out, and thanks to all the ladies at FV for the gift!

    Oh, and to clarify something in the comments: When I said Ian needed an “”older woman”” I didn’t mean Justina. Compared to Ian’s age, Justina is a baby. I meant a vampire who was older and stronger because Ian would steamroll over a human or a young vampire ;-).”

  7. says

    Jeaniene- Thanks for stopping buy and again it was such a pleasure to finally meet you. I’m still holding out hope for Tate. 😉

  8. says

    That sounds like so much fun! I am super jealous. Thanks for sharing Amy, it was the next best thing to being there in person. :)

  9. says

    I’m super excited you got the chance to meet Jeaniene Frost!! It sounds like you had an awesome time. Thank you for taking great notes and bringing back the dish! Ian need a lady love but I’m willing to wait until he’s read. :)

  10. says

    Wow Amy, that sounds like so much fun! I think it awesome to personally meet an author whose work you admire. I hope you will get to meet many more and tell us all about it :)