Amy Has A Couple of DNF’s This Month


 Ours To Love (Wicked Lovers #7) by Shayla Black Ours To Love by Shayla Black

This series has been hit or miss for me all along. The last two books I really enjoyed but this one is a definite miss. Heroine is a 25 year old virgin now ready to give it up to any man that will give her enough attention so she can spread her legs and both brothers are immature douchebags. One is a drunk wallowing in grief and blaming the other brother for his wife’s death the other is a 5000+ partner mile-high playboy. Both end up wanting the heroine. I could care less about the plot when I can’t connect with any of the characters. I digress after the last quote:

“London being alone with Javier would only bother you if you thought she was interested in your brother, too.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Xander shook his head. “I saw her first.”

“That’s mature,” Luc pointed out.

That felt like a “that’s my toy and you can’t have it” moment with a jealous child and after 135pgs, I’m done.

Rating: DNF
May 7th 2013 by Berkley Heat
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 Blush (In Vino Veritas #1) by Lauren Jameson Blush by Lauren Jameson

Incredibly slow pace, storyline is tell more than show with unnecessary details. When there is dialogue it feels forced, unnatural and cold. The overly descriptive mystery behind the characters and their secrets comes across as melodramatic and silly. Story does not have a cohesive flow and the characters have zero chemistry. The cat and mouse game the hero is playing with the heroine in forcing his presence in her life then constantly saying “we can’t do this” and “this isn’t going to work” is annoying and his obsession with her blushing is overly dramatized. In many ways the story felt like a 50 Shades knockoff.

“One drink has brought some color to you cheeks. Two will make you flush.”

Rating: DNF
May 7th 2013 by NAL Trade
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  1. says

    I loathe the trope where the virgin suddenly gives it up to the man voted most likely to
    A. break your heart
    B. give you an std
    C. father a child and not give a hoot
    D.bonus! all of the above

    Total wall banger.

    • says

      I used to get really bummed over DNF’s. Now I only get bummed when it’s a book all my friends LOVE and I can’t get into it. I feel left out. lol

      • Marika Weber says

        I know what you mean Sophia. It used to bother me, too but then I don’t usually follow the trends in my reading. I like what I like.


  2. says

    For me its the brothers in a ménage. No thanks. That’s a big ick factor for me. No family. I love the series but when I read the blurb for this I knew that it would be a pass for me.


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