Advertising At Fiction Vixen


2014 is sold out

Now accepting reservations for 2015



Fiction Vixen caters to a large focused audience of voracious romance readers, making this the best place to advertise your romance novel or upcoming event.

We have sidebar ad space available with two different options as well as a new rotating leaderboard (header) banner. We have placements to fit every budget.

AD Services

Static and animated ads are accepted. If you’re not sure how to create an attractive animated ad, let us know, we can take care of that for you.

Contact us for pricing and additional information.

  • Please give a brief description of what you'd like to advertise.

Please note: Advertising is limited to sidebar graphic ADs.  No paid content is accepted. Advertising has no influence on which books we accept for review and/or the outcome of any reviews posted at Fiction Vixen. We do not do paid reviews. ADs do not constitute an endorsement by Fiction Vixen Book Reviews.