2013 Most Anticipated – Mid-Year Update



Around December we do our most anticipated list for the upcoming year.  But once the year goes by we never really talk about how things are going with those books we really looked forward to.  Sophia and Jen have decided to do a mid-year mini series where we talk about some of those most anticipated books and how we felt about them.  It will be in four parts:

  • Most anticipated that lived up to our expectations
  • Most anticipated that didn’t live up to our expectations
  • Biggest surprises
  • What is still to come

You can find Jen’s most anticipated list here.  Sophia didn’t do a “most anticipated” list, she was on a much needed blog vacation. There will be some books talked about that aren’t on our list but this is where we started.  First up is:

Most anticipated books that lived up to our expectations


I am having a pretty good year so far but there are a couple of books from my most anticipated list that have absolutely stood out for me.

Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh:  This book left me breathless.  I cannot remember (ok, maybe Shadowfever) a book that not only surpassed my expectations but blew them out of the water.  I remain in awe of the world and relationships that Ms. Singh has created.

Fifth Grave Past the Light:  (review coming) Fifth Grave was a pivotal book for the Charley Davidson series.  Ms. Jones could either draw out the tension between Charley and Reyes or give us what we all want and bring them closer together.  I loved everything she did with this book.  It was so much more than the previous four and, if possible, doubled my mad love for this series.

Beyond Control by Kit Rocha: I expected dirty and I got dirty.  Dystopian dirty.  Heh.   I was on the fence about Lex and completely gone for Dallas.  I ended the book really liking both of them.  I cannot wait for more of this series.


First, I want to say, that I fully admit I am terrible at making “most anticipated” lists. While I keep a record of what I read at GoodReads, I just forget to keep track. I guess because I have awesome friends who make sure I remember to start losing my mind about upcoming releases. See what I did there? I blamed my friends. hehe.

Ok, let’s get started.

House Rules by Chloe Neill: This series has been bittersweet for me. It took a very wrong turn at one point and I brooded, pouted and was straight up pissy for a while. Then it started to come back for me but we were still on shaky ground. House Rules was going to be the make it or break it book. House Rules brought me back. The vampire politics, the romance, everything worked for me and I felt like I felt when I first started reading the series.

Own The Wind by Kristen Ashley: Honestly I can’t remember if this book was eagerly anticipated by me last year. In December I might not have even known it was going to be published in 2013. Since I was on vacay and didn’t make a list, I’ll never know :(. However, at some point I know this book was very anticipated by me because last year I fell into a weird lovey relationship with Kristen Ashley books. After reading Motorcycle Man I was excited to hear there would be a spin-off series based on the Chaos MC and it would be Ashley’s first non-self-published book. Excited because I LOVE the Chaos MC, I already loved the hero and heroine, and the book would be professionally edited. I was nervous for that same reason as well. I wondered if the editing process would spoil KA’s unique voice and if this book would lose its edge. I was not disappointed at all. In fact I was really happy with the story and the romance and pleased that Kristen Ashley, edited, is still very much Kristen Ashley.

Deadly Sting by Jennifer Estep: I didn’t review this one, I’ve been horribly behind this year. But, I did finally read it. I’ve been a fan of this series since I read the first book. Gin is one of my favorite UF heroines because she is smart and deadly. But with many UF series, there is the danger of me losing interest after a while. That hasn’t happened with this series. Deadly Sting grabbed me, pulled me in and held tight the entire book as do all the books in this series. It’s still as strong as it was when I first fell in love with it. Now I’m going to go grab a copy of Heart of Venom!

This is our mid-year book update on most anticipated books that lived up to our expectations. What books did you eagerly anticipate that totally delivered for you?



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    So far the only books that were on my most anticipated list that exceeded my expectations are Beyond Control by Kit Rocha, Touch and Geaux by Abigail Roux and Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh. Although, Jennifer Estep never disappoints.

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      I was just telling a friend that the Elemental Assassin series has always been a solid read for me. I don’t know if I’ve ever given an A rating, but always, always, a solid B, never disappointed.