2013 Most Anticipated – Mid-Year Update – What Fell Short (So Far)


Around December we do our most anticipated list for the upcoming year.  But once the year goes by we never really talk about how things are going with those books we really looked forward to.  Sophia and Jen have decided to do a mid-year mini series where we talk about some of those most anticipated books and how we felt about them.  It will be in four parts with the categories being:

  • Most anticipated that lived up to our expectations
  • Most anticipated that didn’t live up to our expectations
  • Biggest surprises
  • What is still to come

Most anticipated that didn’t live up to our expectations


This part of the list was hard because when I have a book that I am really looking forward to it is generally because I love the series and I know the author won’t let me down.  Anticipating a book for months and months and then having it let you down is the worst feeling.

Burned by Karen Marie MoningBurned by Karen Marie Moning:  I am sure most of you are thinking WHA? and trying to beat down my door for my copy of this book.  Well, stop beating because there is no copy!  And that is the problem.  Iced was my book of the year for 2012.  I was looking forward to saying that Burned was my book of the year for 2013.  But no.  First we had a 2013 release date, then Goodreads said January of 2014 and now it says April 22, 2014!!  SOB.  Don’t jump all over me, I realize that Goodreads was probably just a guess and I don’t want a subpar product because it was rushed but it is crushing to see that date keep getting pushed back.  On the plus side, it does say that Burned will be 512 pages.  I just want that book in my hands!!

Lover At Last J.R. WardLover At Last by J.R. Ward– Over the years BDB has slowly slipped from being one of my favorites but that will not stop me from reading each book on release day.  So even though it wasn’t one of my most anticipated, it was pretty anticipated.  Especially if you consider the multi book buildup for this particular couple.  And well, I was underwhelmed.  I thought that Qhuinn and Blay were such a small portion of the story and really the most uninteresting portion of the story.  That is why I was disappointed.  As for the rest of the plot, I really enjoyed it but at the heart of everything I wanted a love story and sadly I didn’t feel like I got that.

But with the cover release of The King I do find myself getting really excited again.


First I want to bonk Jen on the head because when I read “Burned by Karen Marie Moning” on her list, I about fell on the floor and flopped. What teasy B!!! Now that I’ve properly recovered, I can move on.

My list is short, it only has one entry on it. I didn’t hate this book, I just didn’t like it as much as I thought I would.

16140408Down London Road by Samantha Young: I was late to read On Dublin Street simply because it was getting so much hype I was worried my expectations were overly inflated and I would be disappointed. Once I finally read it, I kicked myself for waiting. I loved it! So, Down London Road was much anticipated by me. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances in which the couple get together, I had a hard time getting invested in the romance. Both are in relationships when they meet get together and people get hurt. It was enough to take the shine off the romance and so this book just didn’t move me the way its predecessor did. I waffled between a B-/C+ rating. I think if they had not been involved in relationships when they got together, I would have liked this book a lot more. I do look forward to the next book, Before Jamaica Lane, expected release Jan. 1, 2014.

This is our mid-year book update on most anticipated books that fell short of our expectations. What books did you look forward to that didn’t live up to your expectations?


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  1. Misty says

    I wasn’t tracking my books/preorders until March of this year, so I’ll go with the past few months. Fair warning, give me a self-published, OTT, cracktastic book and I’m a happy woman.

    Most anticipated that lived up to my expectations:
    Moon by Laurann Dohner – perfect book 10 for the New Species series.
    Her Master’s Secret Service by Lexi Blake – Not a big fan of once married, now not, find our way back books but this one changed my mind.

    Most anticipated that didn’t live up to my expectations:
    One Sweet Ride and Thrown by a Curve by Jaci Burton.
    Thrown by a Curve was just kind of blah and boring to me. To be honest I haven’t finished One Sweet Ride but it really did not grab my attention. Went back to it several times but still no “wow” that keeps me reading. I think this may be my last JB purchase, any future books will need to be library check outs.

    Biggest surprises:
    Not Until You series by Roni Loren.
    Only into book 3 of 8. I didn’t think I would like the serial format but I am not hating it! I usually gobble up books and this is forcing me to slow down and enjoy the story.

    What is still to come:
    Rock Chick Revolution and Jagged by Kristen Ashley – Total KA fan and not afraid to admit it!